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Past Symposia Papers

2021‘Flight Test Academy’ A Video Based Instruction Series for Teachers and Students, Comprising of Aerospace STEM Projects that Explore Flight Test Engineering
2021Using A 1949 Piston Powered Airplane to Train 21stCentury Flight Testers
2021From V/STOL Lessons Learned to E-VTOL Challenges and Revolution
2021The E-VTOL Flight Test Council Pioneer Year
2021Flight Test in Times of COVID-19: A Test Conductor‘s Perspective on a Surreal Journey
2021Applying Traditional Flight Test Safety Risk Management Techniques to New / Novel Aircraft
2021Test Planning, An Integrated Approach
2021Using Digital Engineering to Do Test Good (and Other Stuff Good Too)
2019Safety Management Systems: How to adapt ICAO based systems to the Flight Test environment?
2019Flight Test as a Service
2019A Modern Day Saga: How Flight Test Returned to Iceland
2019A New Definition of Entry-Level Flight Test Engineer Based on Training and Education at the University Level
2019The International Collaboration Challenge: With Respect to A Flight Test Engineer of The Gripen E
2019Successful Examples of Design of Experiments Methodology Applied to Helicopter Performance Flight Tests
2019Dealing with The Unexpected: A Case Study Frozen in Time
2018Evolution of USAF Test Pilot School Systems Engineering Foundation
2018Preparing New Test Engineers for High Risk Flight Testing on the Gripen Aircraft
2018FTE Lessons from the Space Shuttle Program
2018V-280 Valor First Flight Build-up: Preparing for a Technology Demonstration
2018Considerations for Selecting Flight Test Locations
2017Applications of Technology Acceptance Model to Integration of the Auto GCAS System in Fighter Aircraft Operations
2017New Challenges in Flight Testing Instruction
2017An Evaluation Flight in the Jet Provost with a Flight Test Engineering Approach
2015Flight Testing and the USAF Airworthiness Process
2015F-16 M7 - Breaking Organizational Barriers
2015TAWS Flight Test under Complex Terrain Conditions
2014Analyzing DT&E Flight Test Missions
2014A Blank Slate: Redefining F-16 Flight Test
2014Testing Together in A Flight Test Training Environment
2014Error Propagation using Unscented Transforms in Flight Test Scenarios
2014The long road for a common Military Airworthiness Requirements in Europe
2014Airworthiness Panel Discussion - KC-46 Airworthiness
2013STEM, Education Reform, SFTE, and You
2013An Airbus Military View of How Mission Systems (Payloads) Flight Testing Techniques Have Evolved from Manned Vehicles to UAS
2013A Brief History of Military Avionics
2013Next-Next Generation Auto-GCAS Testing: An Application of 30 Years of Lessons Learned
2013A Fresh Look at Weapons Testing - Bringing Commercial Aircraft Practices to Weapons Separation Testing
2012Risk Assessment: An Analytic Approach
2011Statistically Defensible Test and Evaluation: The Air Force Flight Test Center Perspective
2011Balancing Act: Team Size and Agility
2011A New Flight-Testing Education Framework Kernel. New MSc on Flight Testing Engineering
2011Test Point Ordering Genetic Algorithm with Precedence Constraints
2010Towards Right-Sizing Sample Size Requirements: Frameworks for Good Enough Testing
2010A Proposed Missile Defense Test Bed Using the Umbra Simulation Framework
2010Simulated Dynamic Interface Testing Techniques for Manned and Unmanned Air Vehicles
2010MV-22B Airplane Mode External Cargo Envelope Expansion and Simulation Correlations
2010Test Before Flight: Ground Test, to Flight Test Smarter
2009Flight Test Perspectives in A Model Driven Design Scenario: A Case Study
2009Development and Optimization of Flight Test Proposals
2009Lessons Learned from Modeling & Simulation Use in The Flight Dynamics Test and Evaluation Process
2009Autorotation, Windmill, And Power Off Reconversion Testing of The BA609 Tiltrotor
2009Flight Test and Target Acquisition Modeling
2009Techniques for Integrating Ground and Flight Test and Modeling and Simulation to Improve Aircraft Propulsion System Acquisition
2008Flight Test Leadership; Managing from a "Box of Chocolates"
2007Political Factors Impacting the Space Shuttle Columbia Accident
2007Use of Gliders in Military Test Pilot Training
2007USAF Test Pilot School - Education and Training Transformation in the 21st Century
2007Global Hawk Block 20 Testing Through First Flight
2006Is Test Engineering a Discipline?
2006The 46TW Process Action Team: A Smarter, Safer, Better Approach to Basic Aircraft Limit Flight Test
2005F-16E/F Block 60 Flight Test Processes
2005Lessons Learned During Development of a Hands-On Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Flight Test and Evaluation Training Course
2005Using Small Business Initiatives to Support Aircraft/Ship Visual Landing Aids Testing
2004Developments in Metal Alloys for Missile Applications
2004Join Forces for Success
2004Risk Management of X-31 Flight Testing at Patuxent River, MD
2003Process Based Management in Action at Cessna Engineering Flight Test
2003Training Engineers for the Next Century
2003A Half-Century + of Navy Rotorcraft Flight Testing at Patuxent River MD
2003Flight Testing in Sweden - An Historical Perspective
2003Flight Testing Simulations of the Wright 1902 Glider and 1903 Flyer
2003A Century of Flight Test - The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same
2003Virtual Flight Test as Advanced Step in Aircraft Development
2003Aircraft Simulator for Surveillance Sensor Test & Evaluation
2003In-Flight Simulation of the AIAA 2003 Wright Flyer
2002Opportunities for Lean Thinking in Aircraft Flight Testing and Evaluation
2002Airborne Laser Flight Test Targets - Build Up to Shoot Down
2002STOVL Envelope Expansion - The X-32B Build-Down Approach
2002Low Cost Flight Simulation and Testing Using Commercially Available Software
2001The Zero Baseline Flight Test Initiative: Lessons Learned
2001A Preferred Test Program Approach Integrating Developmental Test and Operational Test (DT/OT)
2001Effects of Company Organization on Flight Testing Safety
2001Teaching Civil Flight Test and Certification at a Military Test Pilots School
2001Teaching Flight Test in the 21st Century
2001Data Synchronization Discrepancies in a Formation Flight Control System
2001Validating the Integrated Simulation for Flight Test
2001Technical Validation of the Swedish Air Force 2000 System-of-Systems in the Combat Environment
2000Weapons Testing with a Civilian Test Pilots School
2000Assessment and Evolution of the Design of Ultralight Airplanes
2000Alenia Flight Test - Where We Are Today and What We Are Doing for Our Future
2000Flight Test Installation for Airbus A320 HLF Fin Programme
2000Flight Tests and Virtual Simulation of G97 Light Aircraft
2000Application of Modeling and Simulation Techniques to Propulsion System Data Validation and Analysis
2000The Introduction of Desktop Simulations in the Carefree Manoeuvring Flight Test Program of JAS39 Gripen
2000Laser Guided Bombs and Convertible Designation Pod Integration on Italian Tornado-IDS
1999AIM-9X: The Next Generation Sidewinder Missile Developmental Flight Test and Simulation Results
1999Low Cost Solutions for Automation of Simulation Test and Reporting
1999Joint Enhanced Rotorcraft Test and Operational Capability
1998Test and Evaluation in the Age of COTS Programs
1998Lessons Learned from a Successful Flight Test Program - A Survey of Flight Test Engineers
1998Patterns of Flight Testing During the Invention of the Airplane
1998An Industry Perspective of the FAR and JAR Harmonization Effort
1998Verification, Validation and Accreditation of Models and Simulations Used for Test and Evaluation - Challenge and Opportunity
1998Simulation and Modeling Support in the Flight Testing of Lifting Reentry Vehicles
1998Reducing Flight Test Time for Aircraft Performance
1997Meeting the Challenges of Air Force Electronic Warfare Test and Evaluation
1997Futuristic Trends for Air Vehicles, Propulsion, and Avionics - The Next 30 Years
1997An Affordable Planning and Reporting Organizer for Test Engineers
1997Flight Testing in the Wake of Acquisition Reform
1997Applications of Flight Emulation to Airplane Ground and Flight Testing
1997The Application and Implications of the Simulation, Test and Evaluation Process
1996Contract Flight Test
1996Integrating the Results of Several Small Business Programs That Focus on the Allied Engineering Fields of Flight Testing
1996Saab Philosophy of Rig, Ground and Flight Testing within the Systems and Flight Test Department
1995The Potential Impact of DoD Acquisition Reform on Test and Evaluation
1995The Use of a Two-Place ULM as a Flying Workbench for University Research and Student's Training
1995Safety and Flight Test
1994The USAF Combined Test Force Concept
1994Department of Defense Space and Missile Test Teaming
1994The USAF Single-Face-To-the Customer Concept
1994The Application of Airline Crew Resource Management Principles to Flight Test Teams
1994The Evolution of an Automated Test Planning Tool
1994A Simulation Methodology for Modeling Ship-Airwake Turbulence
1994The Use of Flight Simulation to Support Flight Test Activities
1993Hands-On Training for the Flight Test Engineer
1993Training Flight Test Engineers for the Future
1993Space Station Freedom: Unique Challenges and Benefits of a Multi-National Manned Space Station
1993Automating the Flight Test Planning Process
1993Engineering Applications to Enhance Flight Testing
1992Flight Testing in the Australian Army, A Beginning
1992Missiles, A Flight Test Experience
1992Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment Flight Test Authority for the Canadian Forces
1992TEST_PLAN to KUNG: An Automated Flight Test Planning Environment Applied to the JAS-39 Gripen Flight Test Program.
1992Flight Simulation and Data Analysis During a High Angle-of-Attack Vortex Flow Control Flight Test Program
1991Flight Test - Past Present and Future: The Product
1991Operational Testing of Autoflight Systems Beyond the North Pole
1989Managing & Evaluating Software-Intensive Weapon System Flight Test
1989AFTI/F-111 Airplane Mission Adaptive Wing Operational Flight Evaluation Technique Using Uplinked Pilot Command Cues
1988Aircraft Development Test and Evaluation - An Office of the Secretary of Defense Perspective
1988Cost-Effective Approach to Flight Testing the 'CAS MU Skyshark', a Stand-Off Weapon Dispenser
1988The Development of an Automated Flight Test Management System for Flight Test Planning and Monitoring
1987Flight Testing: Past, Present, and Future
1987Minimizing Development Flight Test Time and Cost in the U.S. Air Force
1987U.S. Air Force Flight Test Center - Today and Tomorrow
1987Test Planning for the Short Takeoff and Landing/Maneuver Technology Demonstrator
1987Terrain Following Subsystem Testing from Simulation to Results
1987Computational Fluid Dynamics in Flight Test
1986Management of United States Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Flight Test Programs
1986The E-3 Joint Test Force: A Unique Test Organization
1986The Use of Flight Test Techniques in Aircraft Accident Investigations
1985Contractor vs Customer Flight Testing
1985Cost Effective Remote Site Testing
1985Results of Technology Programs for General Aviation Aircraft at Dornier
1985Long Range Planning for Flight Test Support
1985F-14A Low-Altitude Asymmetric Thrust Simulation and Flight Test Program
1985Cost-Effective Testing of Software-Intensive Systems
1984The National Test Pilot School
1984The Role of the Flight Test Department in the Development of New Technology Aircraft
1983Impacts of Automation - Automation and Flight Test Engineering
1983Training and Development of Engineers at the Air Force Flight Test Center - An Overview
1983Ten Years of Combined Test Operations at the Air Force Flight Test Center - In Retrospect
1983The Automated KC-135R Test Program
1983The Use of Engineering Simulation to Support Aircraft Flight Testing at the U.S. Air Force Flight Test Center
1982DC-10-10 Winglet Flight Test Program Management
1982F-4S Flight Simulation Fidelity Enhancement and Aft Center of Gravity Envelope Expansion
1981Evolution of Flight Test Engineering and Management Roles: A Case Study
1981Evolution of Flight Test Engineering and Management Roles: A Case Study
1980Icing Program Management Techniques
1980General Aviation Fuel Conservation in the 1980's
1979Factorial Design of Experiments in the Test and Evaluation of a Complex Control System
1979Tactical Navigation System Testing
1978Dynamic Performance Workshop
1978Flight Testing at the Air Force Flight Test Center: Yesterday. Today and Tomorrow
1978The Role of the Engineer in Product Liability
1977Getting Ready For V/STOL T&E in the 80's
1976The United States Air Force Test Pilot School
1976Failure Detection of Microwave Landing System Position Errors Thru Simulation
1975Joint Contractor - Air Force Flight Test Programs
1975Simulation - A Flight Test Complement
1975The T&E Simulator: A Comparison with Flight Test Results
1974Advancements in the Test and Evaluation of Naval Weapon Systems
1974The R&D Simulator: A 'New' T&E Tool
1973Simulation and Flight Test Evaluation
1972Management and Control of Flight Test Programs of the Western Region FAA
1972Management and Control of Flight Test Programs at U.S. Army Aviation Systems Command
1972Management of Air Force Test and Evaluation Activities
1972Management and Control of Flight Test Programs of the Naval Air Systems Command
1972Management and Control of Commercial Flight Test Programs
1972Management and Control of Military and Commercial Flight Test Programs at Bell Helicopter Company
1972Management and Control of Military Flight test Programs at McDonnell Douglas, St. Louis, MO
1972Management and Control of Flight Test Programs of Grumman Aerospace Corporation
1972Air Force Prototype Program Management
1972The Role of a Military Flight Test Engineer in Test Management
1971Survivable Flight Control System Design and Evaluation Simulations
1970A Case Against Computer-Aided Flight Testing
1970Computerized System for Flight Test Operations Management
1970Reduction of Aircraft/Store Compatibility Flight Test Through Wind Tunnel and Data Reduction Techniques
1970Role of Simulation in ECM Flight Test