AnchorMembership Upgrades

SFTE has several higher grades of membership available for existing members who demonstrate service to the Society and distinction within the field of flight testing.

Senior Member

Senior members are recognized for their service and contributions to the Society.

Primarily engaged in the field of flight testing, and meet one of the following two criteria:

  1. An active member of SFTE for at least 5 consecutive years, and fulfill both A and B below. 
  2. An active member of SFTE for at least 10 consecutive years, and fulfill either A or B below.

  1. Held a position as a local or international Society officer, Tech Council Member, or Symposium committee member (or any combination thereof) for at least two terms.
  2. Written and formally presented at least two formal technical papers at an SFTE symposium or workshop.

Lifetime Member

Lifetime members make a single upfront payment, based on their age, and are freed from paying annual dues for the rest of their life.

Lifetime membership is a great way to demonstrate commitment to the society and flight testing in general.

Lifetime Membership Payment

Ages 18-65$2,050 - (Age x 25)
Ages 66+$400

SFTE Fellow

Fellow is the highest grade achievable in SFTE. This grade is reserved for those who have attained a position of notable distinction in the field of flight testing. They are awarded with an automatic Lifetime Membership in the Society along with the distinction and responsibility associated with this honor.

Fellows must be Senior Members in good standing for at least two years, nominated by their peers, verified by the Board of Directors for eligibility, and then elected by the existing Fellows.

The number of fellows elected each year is set in the SFTE Constitution, and varies based on the total number of members in the Society.

List of Current Fellows