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Past Symposia Papers

2022Bits versus Pieces: How the Evolution of Systems Could Drive Flight Testing for the Foreseeable Future
2021From V/STOL Lessons Learned to E-VTOL Challenges and Revolution
2013An Airbus Military View of How Mission Systems (Payloads) Flight Testing Techniques Have Evolved from Manned Vehicles to UAS
2013A Brief History of Military Avionics
2003A Half-Century + of Navy Rotorcraft Flight Testing at Patuxent River MD
2003Flight Testing in Sweden - An Historical Perspective
2003Flight Testing Simulations of the Wright 1902 Glider and 1903 Flyer
2003A Century of Flight Test - The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same
2000Assessment and Evolution of the Design of Ultralight Airplanes
2000Alenia Flight Test - Where We Are Today and What We Are Doing for Our Future
1998Lessons Learned from a Successful Flight Test Program - A Survey of Flight Test Engineers
1998Patterns of Flight Testing During the Invention of the Airplane
1997Futuristic Trends for Air Vehicles, Propulsion, and Avionics - The Next 30 Years
1993Space Station Freedom: Unique Challenges and Benefits of a Multi-National Manned Space Station
1992Flight Testing in the Australian Army, A Beginning
1987Flight Testing: Past, Present, and Future
1987Minimizing Development Flight Test Time and Cost in the U.S. Air Force
1987U.S. Air Force Flight Test Center - Today and Tomorrow
1985Results of Technology Programs for General Aviation Aircraft at Dornier
1983Ten Years of Combined Test Operations at the Air Force Flight Test Center - In Retrospect
1978Flight Testing at the Air Force Flight Test Center: Yesterday. Today and Tomorrow
1974Advancements in the Test and Evaluation of Naval Weapon Systems
1970Reduction of Aircraft/Store Compatibility Flight Test Through Wind Tunnel and Data Reduction Techniques