Corporate Membership

Various options, for a tailored fit.

The Corporate Membership Fee Structure is based on the size of your company and provides for additional corporate affiliates, as companies grow. The rate structure, with attendant benefits relating to corporate affiliate members and symposium attendance, is tabulated below and offers compelling value for a small investment:

Membership Tiers are based on annual corporate revenue, and entitle corporate members to a number of complimentary Affiliate Members, along with symposium attendance at the member rate.

Corporate Membership Tiers

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Current Corporate Members

Base corporate membership includes all the benefits described here, plus an invitation to the SFTE Symposium corporate dinner for attendees up to the number of affiliate members shown in table above.  Additional affiliate members can be added at the rate of $55 per person giving them access to the members only sections described above. 

Want to elevate your support and benefits even more?  Premium membership levels are:

Gold Corporate Members are entitled to one 50% symposium registration (member rate) discount for each $1000 contribution above your companies base rate shown in the table above. SFTE will send your company an engraved recognition plaque.

Silver Corporate Members ($5,000 level) - Any corporate member who contributes $5,000 gets 2 free symposium registrations, a special splash on our website and a write-up in the SFTE News. SFTE will also present an engraved recognition plaque to your attending members at the annual symposium. Each additional $1,000 above $5,000 gets an additional free symposium registration.

Platinum Corporate Members ($25,000 level) - Any corporate member who contributes an additional $25,000 gets 5 free symposium registrations, free virtual attendance for their organization, special recognition at the symposium, an engraved recognition plaque and the opportunity to have a vendor booth at the annual symposium free of charge. In addition, Platinum members will be invited to participate in a President’s Council allowing them the opportunity to provide inputs to the Board of Directors regarding desired directions taken within and by the society at large.