E-VTOL Council


The council is an open forum for flight testers of electric and novel VTOL aircraft configurations, covering the spectrum of sizes, categories, classes, payload/passenger combinations, and piloting options.  The complexity and energy concerns for large aircraft bring priority to those above the FAA Part 107 (>55 lb) limit.  With emphasis on eVTOL, the council‘s mission is to promote flight test safety, efficiency, and knowledge for electric aircraft development, certification, and qualification. The spirit is to advance knowledge through reciprocal contribution of non-proprietary information. The means is to openly collaborate on best practices and to share all council discussions, papers, and recordings across three mutually beneficial areas: 


  • General FT planning and execution to reduce risk to the lowest practical levels.
  • Detailed hazards and mitigations specific to electric aircraft flight testing.
  • FT considerations for new-paradigm safety assessments and failure probability calculations.


  • Serve as a resource where flight testers have pertinent knowledge that might influence separate rulemaking bodies.
  • Propose harmonized and safer means of compliance.


  • Review common resources such as test facilities, ranges, and training
  • Flight test equipment design/interface standards (e.g. instrumentation, recovery chutes)
  • Data analysis and presentation methods
  • Common failure mode demonstrations
  • Promulgate DoD and civil test techniques specific to electric aircraft and components. Includes FTTs appropriate to piloted vs. remote pilot vs. autonomous.

Operationally, this all-volunteer council will...

  • Without requiring individual membership in any specific organization, work jointly with interested professional societies to share information in both directions. 
  • Encourage members to present and publish formal technical papers through their chosen organization and will disseminate links to those papers.
  • Promote various digital, virtual, or in-person collaboration forums for discussions.
  • Manage a repository for unpublished papers, internal discussions, guidelines, and other content germane to electric and powered-lift flight testing. 
  • Promote collegiate and technical talent networking. 

Contact Information

Founder and Chair:
Al Lawless <sfte@alawless.com>

No membership requirements or fees to participate in this council. Contact Chair to join member list for meeting announcements and reports.

Main council meetings occur on alternating Tuesdays, 11-noon Eastern time. Meetings and the principal library are hosted by joint sponsor Vertical Flight Society. 

Join Zoom from your device,                          Meeting ID: 945 3932 7683, Passcode: 829514

Under this council are separate focus committees, each meeting at different times and coordinated but different Chairs.