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Past Symposia Papers

2022Systems Theoretic Process Analysis (STPA) in Flight Test
2022Fundamental Operational Learnings in Unmanned EVTOL Aircraft Flight Testing
2022Air-to-Air Intercept Toolbox
2021Applying Traditional Flight Test Safety Risk Management Techniques to New / Novel Aircraft
2021Test Planning, An Integrated Approach
2019Successful Examples of Design of Experiments Methodology Applied to Helicopter Performance Flight Tests
2019Dealing with The Unexpected: A Case Study Frozen in Time
2018V-280 Valor First Flight Build-up: Preparing for a Technology Demonstration
2018Considerations for Selecting Flight Test Locations
2015TAWS Flight Test under Complex Terrain Conditions
2013Next-Next Generation Auto-GCAS Testing: An Application of 30 Years of Lessons Learned
2012Risk Assessment: An Analytic Approach
2011Test Point Ordering Genetic Algorithm with Precedence Constraints
2010Towards Right-Sizing Sample Size Requirements: Frameworks for Good Enough Testing
2007Global Hawk Block 20 Testing Through First Flight
2006The 46TW Process Action Team: A Smarter, Safer, Better Approach to Basic Aircraft Limit Flight Test
2004Risk Management of X-31 Flight Testing at Patuxent River, MD
2002Airborne Laser Flight Test Targets - Build Up to Shoot Down
2002STOVL Envelope Expansion - The X-32B Build-Down Approach
1997An Affordable Planning and Reporting Organizer for Test Engineers
1995Safety and Flight Test
1994The Evolution of an Automated Test Planning Tool
1993Automating the Flight Test Planning Process
1992TEST_PLAN to KUNG: An Automated Flight Test Planning Environment Applied to the JAS-39 Gripen Flight Test Program.
1991Operational Testing of Autoflight Systems Beyond the North Pole
1988Cost-Effective Approach to Flight Testing the 'CAS MU Skyshark', a Stand-Off Weapon Dispenser
1988The Development of an Automated Flight Test Management System for Flight Test Planning and Monitoring
1987Test Planning for the Short Takeoff and Landing/Maneuver Technology Demonstrator
1987Terrain Following Subsystem Testing from Simulation to Results
1986The Use of Flight Test Techniques in Aircraft Accident Investigations
1985Long Range Planning for Flight Test Support
1983The Automated KC-135R Test Program
1979Factorial Design of Experiments in the Test and Evaluation of a Complex Control System
1976Failure Detection of Microwave Landing System Position Errors Thru Simulation