Board of Directors

The 2022-24 Board of Directors

Past Boards of Directors


Jennifer Uchida

Jennifer Uchida

Seattle Chapter

  • B.S. and M.S. from University of Colorado in Aerospace Engineering
  • NAVAIR as a civilian flight test engineer for the Marine Corps in Patuxent River, MD
  • Supported experimental flight testing of the V-22 Osprey and CH-53K
  • Attended USN TPS Class 140 in 2011. Logged 100 flight hours of special crew time over 16 different types of military aircraft
  • One of the top 50 selected for NASA's Astronaut Program in 2013
  • Flight Test Coordinator for Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation  for the G500 and G600 FAA certification efforts
  • Founding president of the SFTE Coastal Empire Chapter
  • Chief Systems Engineer for the RQ-21A Blackjack program at Insitu, Inc.
  • Manager of Test and Evaluation at AeroTEC
  • Member of the External Advisory Board for the University of Colorado's Aerospace Department
  • Brooke Owens Executive Mentor
  • SFTE Vice President 2020-2022
  • Currently the senior Test Program Manager for Product Development for Boeing Test & Evaluation

Chat with Jen!

Dial in to President's Office Hours on June 21st at 1500 UTC (8am Pacific)

This month will be an open forum Q&A for new or aspiring Flight Testers! All levels of Flight Testers are welcome to join to share your experiences or ask questions.

Vice President

Robert Brock

North Texas Chapter


  • B.S. from University of Texas at Arlington in Aerospace Engineering
  • Chair of 2016 Symposium in Wichita
  • SFTE member since 2003
  • North Texas Chapter Treasurer, 2020 – present
  • US Army OTSA Helicopter Flight Test Exploitation
  • Flight Test Performance supporting all Cessna Caravan and business jet models from Citation I through Citation Sovereign and Lead Flight Test Engineer on Cessna Mustang.
  • Lead Flight Test Coordinator for Eclipse 500.
  • Lead Flight Test Coordinator for Hondajet.
  • Flight Test Engineering Group Lead at Bombardier Flight Test Center covering all Bombardier & Learjet models.
  • Flight Test Coordinator for Gulfstream 500/600.
  • Flight Test Engineer for FAA covering Part 23/25/27/29 and UAS.


Jeff Canclini

North Texas Chapter

  • Member, North Texas Chapter
  • SFTE Fellow; SFTE Board of Directors 2016-present, Treasurer 2018-present
  • Graduate USAF TPS. Recipient of R.L. Jones award, Class 86A 
  • Lockheed Martin FTE Tech Fellow (Emeritus)
  • 41 years in T&E for Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, USAF, NASA Ames in
  • F-35, F-16, A-12, EC-18B, Convair 990 as
  • Flight Ops Manager, FTE, WSO, Design Engineer 
  • 2 Term Commanding Officer NAVAIR Reserves (China Lake & Boeing St. Louis)
  • F-16 WSO, F-14 RIO, F-4 WSO
  • Commercial Pilot MEL, 
  • Author of 11 Technical Papers/Presentations
  • 3,300 hours in 26 fixed and rotary wing aircraft


Ben Povall

Ben Povall

Wichita Chapter


  • MEng from University of Liverpool
  • Secretary / Treasurer for Wichita Chapter 2018-22
  • Member of Website Committee responsible for website overhaul 2020-22
  • Presently Chief Flight Test Engineer at Bombardier Flight Test Center
  • Lead FTE during C-Series, Global 7500 programs, and lead for Global 8000
  • Test Conductor & Test Director for F-35 ITF Flight Sciences testing at Pax River
  • FTE for Nimrod MRA4, Harrier GR9 and Typhoon test programs based at Warton, UK

Past President

Mark Mondt

Ben Povall

Coastal Empire Chapter

  • B.S. in Aerospace Engineering and M.S. in Engineering Management, both from Wichita State University
  • FAA Consultant DER Flight Analyst
  • Chair of 2018 Savannah Symposium
  • Technical chair of 2016 Wichita Symposium
  • Secretary, SFTE Board of Directors, 2010-2012 and 2014-2016
  • Vice President, SFTE Board of Directors, 2012-2014
  • Wichita Chapter President, 2008-2010
  • Logistics chair, 2004 Wichita Symposium
  • Member since 2003
  • Remotely-piloted Cessna 208B (Reliable Robotics)
  • G500/600 Initial Type Certification, EFVS to Land (all models in production), G650&G500 Category II ILS (Gulfstream )
  • Learjet 85 and Global G5000/6000 Avionics Update (RC ProLine Fusion) (Bombardier)
  • E-6B MDS/ADWS, International Head-of-State conversions, 767 Tanker (GTTA, predecessor to KC-46) and Dutch Air Force (K)DC-10 Upgrade (Boeing)
  • Licensed private pilot (SEL) since 1998 and a registered professional engineer (KS) since 2001

At-Large Directors

Tiziano Bernard

Tiziano Bernard

Coastal Empire Chapter


  • B.S. Aerospace Engineering (2015), M.S. Flight Test Engineering (2016), Ph.D. Human-Centered Design (2018), Florida Tech
  • Flight Test Engineer at Human-Centered Design Institute (HCDi)
  • Researcher for cognitive modeling flight test methods at HCDi
  • Aviation Systems & Human Factors Engineer at Garmin International
  • Experimental Flight Test Engineer at Gulfstream Aerospace (GVII-GVIII)
  • FAA instrument - rated pilot (Florida Tech / Garmin trained)
  • FAA instrument ground instructor
  • Garmin Innovation Award (2019)
  • Order of Merit of the Royal House of Savoy (2019)
  • FORBES Italy 100 under 30 (2019)
  • SFTE Best Paper Award (2020)
  • Top 5% ESA Astronaut Candidate (2021)
  • AIAA Senior Member

Jesus Javier Fernandez Orio

Jesus Javier Fernandez Orio

European Chapter


  • INTA National Institute for Aerospace Technology. Spanish MoD.
  • Project Engineer at Energy and Environment Department since September 2020.
  • Head of Military Transport Aircraft Section, Certification Department, From 2009 till September 2020.
  • FTE at INTA 1991 - 2009. working in EF2000 and military Transport Aircraft.
  • SFTE member since 2005
  • European Chapter President 2015 - 19
  • Aeronautic Engineer by Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain
  • FTE at INTA 1991 – 2009. Involved in EF2000 and Military Transport Aircraft.
  • Since 2004, a member of FT3 (Flight Test Technical Team) from STO in NATO

Kevin Welch

Seattle Chapter


  • SFTE Board of Directors 2020-present
  • SFTE Vice President 2018-2020
  • SFTE Board of Directors 2016-2018
  • Website Committee Chairman
  • Test Director, Test Engineer, FTE
  • Major test programs: 747-8, 767-2C, 787-9, 737 MAX, 777-9
  • Event Chairman, Seattle SFTE 50th Anniversary Celebration, 2018
  • BS Aerospace Engineering, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 2003
  • MBA, Seattle University, 2009

Rachel McFalls-Brown

Rachel McFalls-Brown

Antelope Valley Chapter


  • B.S. and M.S. from Mississippi State University in Aerospace Engineering
  • 40FLTS as a civilian flight test engineer for the US Air Force in Eglin AFB, FL.
  • Supported developmental flight testing of the A-10, F-16, & F-15E
  • Secretary of Emerald Coast Chapter, SFTE.
  • Lead Aerospace Engineer for Air Force Subscale Aerial Targets Program Office, lead major modification technical evaluation. 
  • F-22 Flight Test Engineer at 411FLTS at Edwards AFB
  • Hosted 2017 SFTE Symposium in Destin, FL
  • Board of Directors, Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity