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Past Symposia Papers

2021Using Digital Engineering to Do Test Good (and Other Stuff Good Too)
2013A Fresh Look at Weapons Testing - Bringing Commercial Aircraft Practices to Weapons Separation Testing
2010A Proposed Missile Defense Test Bed Using the Umbra Simulation Framework
2010Simulated Dynamic Interface Testing Techniques for Manned and Unmanned Air Vehicles
2010MV-22B Airplane Mode External Cargo Envelope Expansion and Simulation Correlations
2010Test Before Flight: Ground Test, to Flight Test Smarter
2009Lessons Learned from Modeling & Simulation Use in The Flight Dynamics Test and Evaluation Process
2009Autorotation, Windmill, And Power Off Reconversion Testing of The BA609 Tiltrotor
2009Flight Test and Target Acquisition Modeling
2009Techniques for Integrating Ground and Flight Test and Modeling and Simulation to Improve Aircraft Propulsion System Acquisition
2005Using Small Business Initiatives to Support Aircraft/Ship Visual Landing Aids Testing
2003Virtual Flight Test as Advanced Step in Aircraft Development
2003Aircraft Simulator for Surveillance Sensor Test & Evaluation
2003In-Flight Simulation of the AIAA 2003 Wright Flyer
2002Low Cost Flight Simulation and Testing Using Commercially Available Software
2001Data Synchronization Discrepancies in a Formation Flight Control System
2001Validating the Integrated Simulation for Flight Test
2001Technical Validation of the Swedish Air Force 2000 System-of-Systems in the Combat Environment
2000Flight Tests and Virtual Simulation of G97 Light Aircraft
2000Application of Modeling and Simulation Techniques to Propulsion System Data Validation and Analysis
2000The Introduction of Desktop Simulations in the Carefree Manoeuvring Flight Test Program of JAS39 Gripen
2000Laser Guided Bombs and Convertible Designation Pod Integration on Italian Tornado-IDS
1999AIM-9X: The Next Generation Sidewinder Missile Developmental Flight Test and Simulation Results
1999Low Cost Solutions for Automation of Simulation Test and Reporting
1999Joint Enhanced Rotorcraft Test and Operational Capability
1998Verification, Validation and Accreditation of Models and Simulations Used for Test and Evaluation - Challenge and Opportunity
1998Simulation and Modeling Support in the Flight Testing of Lifting Reentry Vehicles
1998Reducing Flight Test Time for Aircraft Performance
1997Flight Testing in the Wake of Acquisition Reform
1997Applications of Flight Emulation to Airplane Ground and Flight Testing
1997The Application and Implications of the Simulation, Test and Evaluation Process
1994A Simulation Methodology for Modeling Ship-Airwake Turbulence
1994The Use of Flight Simulation to Support Flight Test Activities
1993Engineering Applications to Enhance Flight Testing
1992Flight Simulation and Data Analysis During a High Angle-of-Attack Vortex Flow Control Flight Test Program
1989AFTI/F-111 Airplane Mission Adaptive Wing Operational Flight Evaluation Technique Using Uplinked Pilot Command Cues
1987Computational Fluid Dynamics in Flight Test
1985F-14A Low-Altitude Asymmetric Thrust Simulation and Flight Test Program
1985Cost-Effective Testing of Software-Intensive Systems
1983The Use of Engineering Simulation to Support Aircraft Flight Testing at the U.S. Air Force Flight Test Center
1982F-4S Flight Simulation Fidelity Enhancement and Aft Center of Gravity Envelope Expansion
1979Tactical Navigation System Testing
1975Simulation - A Flight Test Complement
1975The T&E Simulator: A Comparison with Flight Test Results
1974The R&D Simulator: A 'New' T&E Tool
1973Simulation and Flight Test Evaluation
1971Survivable Flight Control System Design and Evaluation Simulations
1970Role of Simulation in ECM Flight Test