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Past Symposia Papers

2022How to Train your Space Tester, Part 2: Enabling Capabilities
2021‘Flight Test Academy’ A Video Based Instruction Series for Teachers and Students, Comprising of Aerospace STEM Projects that Explore Flight Test Engineering
2021Using A 1949 Piston Powered Airplane to Train 21stCentury Flight Testers
2019A New Definition of Entry-Level Flight Test Engineer Based on Training and Education at the University Level
2018Evolution of USAF Test Pilot School Systems Engineering Foundation
2017New Challenges in Flight Testing Instruction
2014Testing Together in A Flight Test Training Environment
2013STEM, Education Reform, SFTE, and You
2011A New Flight-Testing Education Framework Kernel. New MSc on Flight Testing Engineering
2007Use of Gliders in Military Test Pilot Training
2007USAF Test Pilot School - Education and Training Transformation in the 21st Century
2005Lessons Learned During Development of a Hands-On Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Flight Test and Evaluation Training Course
2003Training Engineers for the Next Century
2001Teaching Civil Flight Test and Certification at a Military Test Pilots School
2001Teaching Flight Test in the 21st Century
2000Weapons Testing with a Civilian Test Pilots School
1995The Use of a Two-Place ULM as a Flying Workbench for University Research and Student's Training
1993Hands-On Training for the Flight Test Engineer
1993Training Flight Test Engineers for the Future
1984The National Test Pilot School
1983Training and Development of Engineers at the Air Force Flight Test Center - An Overview
1978Dynamic Performance Workshop
1976The United States Air Force Test Pilot School