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Handling Qualities / Pilot Workload
High AoA / Departure Resistance & Recovery
Maneuvering Performance
Minimum Control Speed
Other Stability and Control
Parameter Identification / Extraction
Pilot-Induced Oscillations (PIO)
Primary Flight Controls
Stability Characteristics

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Past Symposia Papers

2021Development and Testing of Classical Low Speed Envelope Tiltrotor Flight Control Laws
2018Spilling the Silverware - High Angle of Attack Testing on the Newest Range of Gulfstream Business Class Airplanes
2017Using Open Source Flight Simulation Software to Evaluate the Flying Qualities of an Autonomous Aircraft Performing a Longitudinal Tracking Task
2017Identification of Aerodynamic Model of a Turboprop Trainer for the IPEV Flight Test Simulator
2016Handling Qualities Evaluations of Unmanned Aircraft Systems
2016E-2D Aerial Refueling Auxiliary Stability Augmentation System - The "Poor Man's Fly-by-Wire”
2015Test for Test Training - Spinning the DG-1000S
2015Finding Commonality in the Uncommon, Encountering PIO in Flight Test
2013Unmanned Aircraft and the Applicability of Military Flying Qualities Standards
2013Stalling Transport Aircraft
2013Spin Reproduction, Control System Testing, and Control Room Training Using X-Plane
2013Identification of High Angle of Attack Aerodynamic Model using Flight Data from Spin Tests
2012Static VMCA Demonstrations
2012Simplified Flight Test Instrumentation for VMCA De termination
2012Post-Stall Model Identification from Flight Test Data
2011Handling Qualities Flight Testing of the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA)
2011What the Hell is Pilot Gain?
2010Loss of Control Testing of Light Aircraft and a Cost-Effective Approach to Flight Test
2010Near-Real-Time Stability & Control Flight Test Analysis of RQ-4 Block 20 AND Block 40 Global Hawk Aircraft
2010C-12 Parameter Identification Flight Test Results and Instrumentation Requirements
2009Real-time aerodynamic model parameter identification
2006Dynamic Minimum Control Airspeed Testing of the US Navy Model E-2C Plus Aircraft Equipped with the Hamilton Sundstrand NP2000 Propeller System using a Split Throttle Test Technique
2006JAS 39 Gripen Wake Vortex Penetration Flt Testing
2006Tail Dihedral and Static Stability
2005Shipboard STOVL Control Law Manual Mode and Autoland Development
2005Boundary-Avoidance Tracking: A New Pilot Tracking Model
2005Stall Testing of the U.S. Navy Model E-2C Plus Aircraft Equipped with the Hamilton Sundstrand NP2000 Propeller System
2005Designing, Building & Flight Testing a Sport Biplane
2005Flight Testing of Eurofighter Aircraft in the Asymmetric GBU-10 Configuration
2004Parameter Determination for a Raptor 50 V2 Helicopter Dynamics Model
2003X-31 VECTOR - Taking ESTOL to the Ground
2002Flying Qualities Integration of the ATFLIR on the F/A-18E/F
2002Propeller Slipstream Effects on Lateral and Directional Controllability of Multi-Engined Aircraft
2001Modeling Abrupt Wing Stall from Flight Test Data
2001Research on the Stability and Control of Soaring Birds Using Radio Controlled Gliders
2000Improving Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Handling Qualities by Compensating for Time Delay
2000F-22 Initial High Angle-of-Attack Flight Test Results
1999Enhanced High AOA Maneuverability and Spin Recovery for the Super Hornet
1998B-2 Flight Control System Development Flight Test Lessons Learned
1998Lessons Learned from the F/A-18E/F High AGA Flight Test Development Program
1998The X-36 Tailless Fighter Agility Research Aircraft
1997Rotary Wing Handling Qualities for the 21st Century
1997Gripen High Angle of Attack Testing
1996Comparison of the Control Anticipation Parameter and the Bandwidth Criterion During the Landing Task
1995HQDT - A Method for Predicting Handling Qualities in High Performance Aircraft
1995Techniques Used for the Evaluation of Handling Qualities and Pilot-In-the-Loop Oscillation Susceptibility During the Flight Test of the C-17A Aircraft
1995Using Single Surface Excitation for X-31 System Identification at High AoA
1995From MECS to PECS - Testing of the Saab 2000 Elevator Control Systems
1994Preliminary Handling Qualities Assessment of the N 250 Aircraft Design by Employing Piloted Flight Simulation Technique
1994X-31 Post-Stall Envelope Expansion and Tactical Utility Testing
1994F-16 Multi-Axis Thrust Vectoring Flight Test Program Overview
1994Flight Testing Large Lateral Asymmetries on Highly Augmented Fighter/Attack Aircraft
1993F-16 Handling Qualities Evaluation with Asymmetric Air-to-Ground External Stores
1993The X-31 Team: Conquering Post Stall
1993F/A-18 Controls Released Departure Recovery Flight Test Evaluation
1992V-22 Tiltrotor Development & Flight Characteristics
1992Flying-Qualities Flight Test of a Half-Scale Unmanned Air Vehicle
1992High Alpha Testing of the AM-X Aircraft - Lessons Learned
1992Aeroelastic Pilot-Induced Oscillation
1992Flight Test Research for Longitudinal Oscillation of the FT-7 Aircraft
1991Development of High AOA Nose Down Control Margin Guidelines for Relaxed Static Stability Tactical Jet Aircraft
1991AV-8B Flight Test Operations for the 100% Leading Edge Root Extension Program
1991Agility Flight Test Results
1991Single Engine Testing of the F- 14A - PLUS in the Power Approach Configuration
1991Development of a Personal Computer-Based Approach to Aircraft Parameter Identification
1991Flight Test Research for Longitudinal Oscillation of FT-7 Aircraft
1990Flying Qualities Testing on the Modern Technology Airship
1990Handling and Performance Considerations When Conducting Air-to-Air Refueling of Large Aircraft by the Probe and Drogue System
1990Estimation of Flying Qualities Using a Least Squares Lower-Order Equivalent Systems Technique
1990X-29 High Angle of Attack Flight Test Procedures, Results, and Lessons Learned
1989AM-X High Incidence Trials, Development and Results
1989Minimum Control Speed - A 'Thrustless' Approach
1989Flight-Test-Derived Stability Derivatives for the Advanced Technology Tactical Transport
1989Estimation of Aerodynamic and Mode Parameters of Aircraft's Open and Closed-Loop System
1988F-16N Supersonic Adversary Aircraft Evaluation
1988Numerical Modeling of Flight Dynamics and Flight Test Data Identification of a Jet Trainer Airplane
1987Dynamic Stability and Handling Qualities Tests on a Highly Augmented, Statically Unstable Airplane
1987Determination of Rotor Derivatives and Rotor Hub Force and Moment Derivatives from Flight Measurements with the RSRA Compound Helicopter
1987Application of Complementary Parameter Identification Techniques to Flight Test Data of a Transport Aircraft
1987Identification of the DLC-Flap System of the Research Aircraft ATTAS
1987Flight Test of the Advanced Electromechanical Actuation System
1986Aerobatic Testing of the BK-117 Helicopter
1986Full Envelope Aerodynamic Modeling of the Harrier Aircraft
1985Flight Tests and Preliminary Aerodynamic Parameter Extraction of an Externally Piloted Vehicle Aircraft Model
1984Results of High Angle-of-Attack Testing of the F-1 5 with Conformal Fuel Tanks
1983Fighter Aircraft Dynamic Performance
1982F-14 High Angle of Attack Investigation with Asymmetric Thrust and External Stores
1982Engineering Aspects of the F/A-18A High AOA/Spin Program
1982An In-Flight Investigation of Pilot-Induced Oscillation Suppression Filters During the Fighter Approach and Landing Task
1982An Investigation of the Effects of a Thrust Augmenting Ejector on the Performance and Handling Qualities of an Upper Surface Blown Research Aircraft
1981Cessna T303 Crusader
1978An Evaluation of Sidestick Force/Deflection Characteristics on Aircraft Handling Qualities
1978Design Developments Leading to Improved Flying Qualities of Fly-Powered Aircraft
1978Evaluation of Selected Class III Requirements of M IL-F-8785B-ASG, Flying Qualities of Piloted Airplanes
1978The Evolution of the High-Angle-of-Attack Features of the F-16 Flight Control System
1978Estimation of Longitudinal Aircraft Characteristics Using Parameter Identification Techniques
1978Considerations in the Analysis of Flight Test Maneuvers
1978AFFTC Parameter Identification Experience
1977The PIO Problem: Theory and Implications to Flight Test
1976Frequency Domain Analysis of Closed-Loop Handling Qualities Flight Test Data
1976Numerical Methods for Extracting MIL-F-8785B-ASG Flying Qualities Parameters from Flight Test Data
1976Spin Testing Using Multiple Phototheodolites
1976F-5E Spin Susceptibility Test Program
1976Dynamic Test Techniques: Concepts and Practices
1976AIDES - A Parameter Identification Program
1976A Computer System for Identifying Aircraft Characteristics from Flight Test Data
1975Spin Testing the Viggen Aircraft
1975High Angle of Attack Flight Tests of the F-15
1975YF-17 Stall/Post-Stall Testing
1975Stall/Post-Stall/Spin Avoidance Tests of the YA-10 Aircraft
1975Determination of Minimum Catapult Launch Speeds
1975A Comparison of Several Parameter Identification Techniques Applied to Flight Data from a Navy T-2 Aircraft
1974NASA Flight Research Center Scale F-15 Remotely Piloted Research Vehicle Program
1974SAAB-SCANIA Developed Method for Obtaining Stability Derivatives from Flight Tests
1973Air-To-Air Tracking Techniques to Evaluate Aircraft Handling Qualities
1973Piloted Power Approach Simulation
1973An Investigation of the Rolling Stability Derivatives of a T-Tail Fighter Configuration at High Angles-of-Attack
1973Flight Test Applications and Analysis of Parameter Identification Techniques
1971NF-8D Variable Stability Program
1970A Method for Obtaining Airplane Frequency Response from the Transient Response of the Airplane to a Known Input
1970Use of Digital Computer Simulation in Evaluating Stability Derivative Extraction Techniques