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Past Symposia Papers

2017Identification of Aerodynamic Model of a Turboprop Trainer for the IPEV Flight Test Simulator
2012Post-Stall Model Identification from Flight Test Data
2010C-12 Parameter Identification Flight Test Results and Instrumentation Requirements
2009Real-time aerodynamic model parameter identification
2005Flight Testing of Eurofighter Aircraft in the Asymmetric GBU-10 Configuration
2004Parameter Determination for a Raptor 50 V2 Helicopter Dynamics Model
1995Using Single Surface Excitation for X-31 System Identification at High AoA
1991Development of a Personal Computer-Based Approach to Aircraft Parameter Identification
1989Flight-Test-Derived Stability Derivatives for the Advanced Technology Tactical Transport
1989Estimation of Aerodynamic and Mode Parameters of Aircraft's Open and Closed-Loop System
1988Numerical Modeling of Flight Dynamics and Flight Test Data Identification of a Jet Trainer Airplane
1987Determination of Rotor Derivatives and Rotor Hub Force and Moment Derivatives from Flight Measurements with the RSRA Compound Helicopter
1987Application of Complementary Parameter Identification Techniques to Flight Test Data of a Transport Aircraft
1986Full Envelope Aerodynamic Modeling of the Harrier Aircraft
1985Flight Tests and Preliminary Aerodynamic Parameter Extraction of an Externally Piloted Vehicle Aircraft Model
1978Estimation of Longitudinal Aircraft Characteristics Using Parameter Identification Techniques
1978Considerations in the Analysis of Flight Test Maneuvers
1978AFFTC Parameter Identification Experience
1976AIDES - A Parameter Identification Program
1976A Computer System for Identifying Aircraft Characteristics from Flight Test Data
1975A Comparison of Several Parameter Identification Techniques Applied to Flight Data from a Navy T-2 Aircraft
1974SAAB-SCANIA Developed Method for Obtaining Stability Derivatives from Flight Tests
1973Flight Test Applications and Analysis of Parameter Identification Techniques
1970A Method for Obtaining Airplane Frequency Response from the Transient Response of the Airplane to a Known Input
1970Use of Digital Computer Simulation in Evaluating Stability Derivative Extraction Techniques