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Past Symposia Papers

2022Flight Test Challenges for Certification of Urban Air Mobility Aircraft
2021Development and Testing of Classical Low Speed Envelope Tiltrotor Flight Control Laws
2017Using Open Source Flight Simulation Software to Evaluate the Flying Qualities of an Autonomous Aircraft Performing a Longitudinal Tracking Task
2016Handling Qualities Evaluations of Unmanned Aircraft Systems
2016E-2D Aerial Refueling Auxiliary Stability Augmentation System - The "Poor Man's Fly-by-Wire”
2013Unmanned Aircraft and the Applicability of Military Flying Qualities Standards
2011Handling Qualities Flight Testing of the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA)
2005Shipboard STOVL Control Law Manual Mode and Autoland Development
2005Boundary-Avoidance Tracking: A New Pilot Tracking Model
2002Flying Qualities Integration of the ATFLIR on the F/A-18E/F
2000Improving Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Handling Qualities by Compensating for Time Delay
1998B-2 Flight Control System Development Flight Test Lessons Learned
1997Rotary Wing Handling Qualities for the 21st Century
1996Comparison of the Control Anticipation Parameter and the Bandwidth Criterion During the Landing Task
1995HQDT - A Method for Predicting Handling Qualities in High Performance Aircraft
1995Techniques Used for the Evaluation of Handling Qualities and Pilot-In-the-Loop Oscillation Susceptibility During the Flight Test of the C-17A Aircraft
1994Preliminary Handling Qualities Assessment of the N 250 Aircraft Design by Employing Piloted Flight Simulation Technique
1993F-16 Handling Qualities Evaluation with Asymmetric Air-to-Ground External Stores
1992V-22 Tiltrotor Development & Flight Characteristics
1992Flying-Qualities Flight Test of a Half-Scale Unmanned Air Vehicle
1990Flying Qualities Testing on the Modern Technology Airship
1990Handling and Performance Considerations When Conducting Air-to-Air Refueling of Large Aircraft by the Probe and Drogue System
1990Estimation of Flying Qualities Using a Least Squares Lower-Order Equivalent Systems Technique
1987Dynamic Stability and Handling Qualities Tests on a Highly Augmented, Statically Unstable Airplane
1981Cessna T303 Crusader
1978An Evaluation of Sidestick Force/Deflection Characteristics on Aircraft Handling Qualities
1978Design Developments Leading to Improved Flying Qualities of Fly-Powered Aircraft
1978Evaluation of Selected Class III Requirements of M IL-F-8785B-ASG, Flying Qualities of Piloted Airplanes
1976Frequency Domain Analysis of Closed-Loop Handling Qualities Flight Test Data
1976Numerical Methods for Extracting MIL-F-8785B-ASG Flying Qualities Parameters from Flight Test Data
1973Air-To-Air Tracking Techniques to Evaluate Aircraft Handling Qualities
1973Piloted Power Approach Simulation