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Past Symposia Papers

2021Virgin Orbit’s Airborne Mission Control: A unification of New Space technology with heritage aviation & traditional NASA spaceflight operations
2019Multidisciplinary Design and Validation Challenges of An Aircraft Water Scooping Device
2019NH90 Flight Tests
2017Flight Testing the Extra 330LE Flying Testbed
2017Flight Testing of a Subscale Electric VTOL Aircraft
2016FLARE: An OPA for Technology Validation used at the Italian Aerospace Research Center
2015Regression Techniques for Mature Safety of Flight Systems, How Development Testing saved A10 GCAS
2014Recent and Future Hypersonic Space Transit and Space Launch Flight Testing
2014INTA Official Centre for Helicopter Tiger HAD: Certification process. Test means and activities for Certification, Qualification and Development
2013YF-22 and YF-23 Competition
2013F-20 Tigershark
2013Flight Testing the UTA Blimp
2013AgustaWestland AW609 TiltRotor
2013Lockheed Martin UCLASS... A Skunk Works Approach
2012Project Dragon Spear: Weaponizing the MC-130W
2012Hypersonic Flight Test: Recent Events, Challenges, and Solutions
2011Testing the Dream - The 787-8 Dreamliner Flight Test Program
2011Integration Testing of the Sniper Targeting Pod on the B-1B
2010SAAB 2000 AEW&C - Platform Testing
2010MH-60S - Aerodynamic Data Collection: Challenges Associated with Collecting Data to Generate a Simulated Aircraft Flying Model
2010Flight Test of CH-53D Helicopter with Improved Rotor Blades and GE-T64-416 Engines
2009The Gripen Demonstrator Program - The First Phase of Flight Tests
2009Global Hawk Block 20 Envelope Expansion
2008Wind envelope expansion testing of the JAS 39 Gripen single and dual-seat aircraft
2008Flexibility Needs Sound Processes: The M346 Flight Test Program
2008A400M Flight Test Program
2007A380 Aircraft Test Campaign
2007F-35 Flight Test Program
2007Final Development and Verification of a new Ground Proximity Warning System
2007EF2000 Environmental Trials - The Long Way to All Weather Qualification
2007Development of a Vertical Takeoff and Landing, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for 1st Responder Mission Capability
2006Active Noise Reduction Test
2005Developing Technologies in the US Navy Super Hornet
2005Parachute Testing for NASAs X-38 Crew Return Vehicle
2005Submarine Launched and Recovered Multi-Purpose UAV Concept and Project Overview
2004Global Express ASTOR
2004X-31 VECTOR - Making Every Inch Count
2003F/A-22A Raptor: Revolutionary Aircraft/Revolutionary Testing - Program Update
2003Airborne Laser Flight Test Update - Steps Along the Path to Missile Shootdown
2003VTOL Heritage: Lockheed XV-4A Flight Test
2003Single Stage to Orbit (SSTO) Hypersonic Vehicle Design "Waverider"
2002Case Study on Solving Aft Fuselage Overheating on the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet
2002Overview of F/A-18E/F Weapon Flight Test Program
2002The S-3B Maverick Plus System - Integrating Precision Weapons on an Aging Airframe
2002Flight Testing the F-15C AESA Radar OFP 2
2001The Fixed Gear L-1011
2001X-35 Flight Test Program Overview
2001X-35B STOVL Test Program
2001C/KC-135 Avionics Upgrade - Pacer CRAG - The Struggles, Trials, Tribulations, Lessons Learned and Eventual Success of a COTS Lightning Bolt Program
2001MC-130H Combat Talon II Tanker Modification Test
2001The NRC Bell 412 Advanced Systems Research Aircraft - Facility Description and Results of Initial Flight Testing
2000The Story of the Ilyushin-96T and the US-Russian Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement
2000Nimrod MRA4 - The Mighty Hunter
2000ATR 42 MP Certification Program
2000Fiber Optic Ship Flight Deck Lighting for the New Millennium
1999The Boeing 757-300 Flight Test Program - Testing a Stretch, Stretching Test Rate, Testing Safely
1999F/A-18E/F Flight Test Program Overview
1999Design and Test of the Combat Rubber Raiding Craft
1999Reusable Aerospace Vehicles
19993USMC H-1 Huey/Cobra Helicopter Upgrade Flight Test Program
1999The X-33 Flight Test Challenge
1998Saab 105 SK60 Re-Engine Programme
1998Ring Laser Gyro/Global Positioning System Navigation Improvement Program Plus
1997767-200 AWACS Airworthiness Flight Test Program
1996Joint Strike Fighter Program
1996F/A-18E/F Program Update
1996ADS Europe Flight Trials Programme
1995Modification and Testing of a Tupolev TU-154M Aircraft for 'Open Skies' Aerial Observation
1995Boeing 777-200 Flight Test Program Progress Report
1995A 300-600 ST 'BELUGA' - Flight Tests
1995B-2 Flight Test Program - Where Are We?
1995The X31-A Quasi-Tailless Flight Experiment
1995F-14 Digital Flight Control System: Integration, Simulation, and Flight Test Update
1995U-2S Engine Flight Test Program
1995Upgrading A/C 37 Saab Viggen
1995VISTA/F-16 Flight Test Program Overview
1995CN235-MIL Vehicle Transport Version Flight Test Program
1995Rotodyne, the Airliner Whose Hour Came Too Soon
1994Flight Testing the BD-10 Jet Kitplane
1994The Initial EuroFighter 2000 Development Flight Test Programme
1994Airship Applications of Modern Flight Test Techniques
1994EL-2032 Fire Control Radar - Flight Test Program Review
1993Flight Testing in the Multinational Arena - The F- 16/AS-30L Certification Program
1993Carrier Suitability Tests of the Rafale Airplane in the United States
1993Flight Testing the RAST Mk III
1993Design and Conduct of a Wind Shear Detection Flight Experiment
1992757 Fly-By-Wire Demonstrator Flight Test
1992X-31: First International 'X' Program
1992JAS39 Gripen - A Program Overview
1992An Overview of the F-117A Avionics Flight Test Program
1992T-45A Goshawk Full Scale Development Flight Test Program Overview
1992B-2 Overview
1992Flight Testing the Lockheed ES-3A
1992Have Blue
1992The SAAB 2000 Flight Test Program
1992AC-130U Gunship Replacement Program
1992Development of the EH101 - A Collaborative Venture
1991YF-22A Prototype Advanced Tactical Fighter Demonstration/Validation Flight Test Program Overview
1991Flight Test of the YF-23A Advanced Tactical Fighter
1991Research Through Demonstration: X-31 Flight Test
1991F-117A Flight Test Program
1991The EJ200 Engine Design and Development Status
1991Flight Testing the Space Shuttle Orbiter
1990The High Technology Test Bed - A Research Programme For Technology Development
1989Tornado AFDS/TF Flight Testing - Lessons Learned
1989Testing the New Swedish Multirole A/C the JAS 39 G ripen
1989X-31...Flight Test in the 90's
1989The Equipment of a Research Aircraft with Emphasis on Meteorological Experiments
1988The Military Dash 8 Flight Test Program
1988Flight Testing' a Multi-Megawatt Wind Turbine
1987Certification Flight Tests of the Conair/Fokker F- 27 Firefighter
1987The Fokker-50 and Fokker-100 Flight Test Program
1987Program Review European Fighter Aircraft
1986Boeing 767-300 Flight Test Program Progress Report
1986Flight Testing the Dornier Amphibious Technology Demonstrator
1986Space Salvage - A Report on Shuttle Mission STS 51
1986STOL/Maneuver Technology Demonstrator Test Program
1985Airbus A320 -- New Concept of Aircraft Control
1985Re-Engine KC-135R/CFM56 Flight Test Program - An Overview
1985X-29 Technology Demonstrator Program Status Review
1985T-46A The USAF Next Generation Trainer
1985A Proposed Plan for the Initial Flight Testing of a Rutan Aircraft Factory Long-EZ and Other Light Amateur Experimental Aircraft
1985Flight Testing the Fixed Wing Configuration of the Rotor Systems Research Aircraft
1984The F-16XL Flight Test Program
1983Getting a Partnership into the Air: Testing of the Saab-Fairchild 340
1983767 Flight Test Program Overview
1983Testing Smarter
1982Model 757/767 Flight Test Program
1982AV-8B Flight Test Program Overview
1982Advanced Medium Range Air-To-Air Missile Flight Test Program Overview
1982Fly Before Buy Software - The AN/ARN-101 Service Report Correction Program
1982PAVE MOVER Flight Test Program
1981Principal Site Testing of the F/A-18 at the Naval Air Test Center
1981Flight Testing the Hustler 500
1980A Study of the Suitability of the All Fiberglass XV-11A Aircraft for Fuel Efficient General Aviation Flight Research
1980Design, Development and Flight Testing of a Jet Powered Sailplane
1980Small Scale Free Flight Research at Lockheed-Georgia
1979Testing the F-18 at the U. S. Naval Air Test Center
1979Flight Certification of the Cessna TU206G Amphibious Float Plane
1979Organizing and Planning for the ALCM Flight Test
1978Testing the F-18 at the U.S. Naval Air Test Center
1978FIREBRAND Anti-Ship Missile Target Wind Tunnel Test Program Phase I
1978Shuttle Orbital Flight Test
1977B-1 Progress Report
1977CH-53E Heavy Transport Helicopter Development Test and Evaluation
1977Sikorsky YUH-60A UTTAS Helicopter Flight Test Program
1976C-5 MX Flight Test Program
1976DASH-7 Silent STOL for FAR-25 Certification Flight Test
1976Pershing II Captive Flight Test Program
1975Fighter Launched Advanced Materials Experiment Utilizing an F-4J Aircraft and a Two Stage Pedro/Recruit Rocket
1974VTAS DT&E Program
1974Flight Demonstration of the Feasibility of a Scanning Beam Microwave Landing System
1973F-15 Eagle Flight Control System