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Past Symposia Papers

2015Regression Techniques for Mature Safety of Flight Systems, How Development Testing saved A10 GCAS
2013YF-22 and YF-23 Competition
2013F-20 Tigershark
2011Integration Testing of the Sniper Targeting Pod on the B-1B
2010SAAB 2000 AEW&C - Platform Testing
2009The Gripen Demonstrator Program - The First Phase of Flight Tests
2008Wind envelope expansion testing of the JAS 39 Gripen single and dual-seat aircraft
2008Flexibility Needs Sound Processes: The M346 Flight Test Program
2007F-35 Flight Test Program
2005Developing Technologies in the US Navy Super Hornet
2004Global Express ASTOR
2004X-31 VECTOR - Making Every Inch Count
2003F/A-22A Raptor: Revolutionary Aircraft/Revolutionary Testing - Program Update
2003Airborne Laser Flight Test Update - Steps Along the Path to Missile Shootdown
2002Case Study on Solving Aft Fuselage Overheating on the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet
2002Overview of F/A-18E/F Weapon Flight Test Program
2002The S-3B Maverick Plus System - Integrating Precision Weapons on an Aging Airframe
2001X-35 Flight Test Program Overview
2001X-35B STOVL Test Program
2001C/KC-135 Avionics Upgrade - Pacer CRAG - The Struggles, Trials, Tribulations, Lessons Learned and Eventual Success of a COTS Lightning Bolt Program
2000Nimrod MRA4 - The Mighty Hunter
1999F/A-18E/F Flight Test Program Overview
1998Saab 105 SK60 Re-Engine Programme
1997767-200 AWACS Airworthiness Flight Test Program
1996Joint Strike Fighter Program
1996F/A-18E/F Program Update
1995B-2 Flight Test Program - Where Are We?
1995The X31-A Quasi-Tailless Flight Experiment
1995F-14 Digital Flight Control System: Integration, Simulation, and Flight Test Update
1995U-2S Engine Flight Test Program
1995Upgrading A/C 37 Saab Viggen
1995VISTA/F-16 Flight Test Program Overview
1994The Initial EuroFighter 2000 Development Flight Test Programme
1993Flight Testing in the Multinational Arena - The F- 16/AS-30L Certification Program
1993Carrier Suitability Tests of the Rafale Airplane in the United States
1992X-31: First International 'X' Program
1992JAS39 Gripen - A Program Overview
1992An Overview of the F-117A Avionics Flight Test Program
1992T-45A Goshawk Full Scale Development Flight Test Program Overview
1992B-2 Overview
1992Flight Testing the Lockheed ES-3A
1992Have Blue
1991YF-22A Prototype Advanced Tactical Fighter Demonstration/Validation Flight Test Program Overview
1991Flight Test of the YF-23A Advanced Tactical Fighter
1991Research Through Demonstration: X-31 Flight Test
1991F-117A Flight Test Program
1989Tornado AFDS/TF Flight Testing - Lessons Learned
1989Testing the New Swedish Multirole A/C the JAS 39 G ripen
1989X-31...Flight Test in the 90's
1987Program Review European Fighter Aircraft
1985Re-Engine KC-135R/CFM56 Flight Test Program - An Overview
1985X-29 Technology Demonstrator Program Status Review
1985T-46A The USAF Next Generation Trainer
1984The F-16XL Flight Test Program
1982AV-8B Flight Test Program Overview
1981Principal Site Testing of the F/A-18 at the Naval Air Test Center
1979Testing the F-18 at the U. S. Naval Air Test Center
1978Testing the F-18 at the U.S. Naval Air Test Center
1977B-1 Progress Report
1976C-5 MX Flight Test Program
1973F-15 Eagle Flight Control System