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Past Symposia Papers

2021Virgin Orbit‘s Airborne Mission Control: A unification of New Space technology with heritage aviation & traditional NASA spaceflight operations
2019Multidisciplinary Design and Validation Challenges of An Aircraft Water Scooping Device
2014Recent and Future Hypersonic Space Transit and Space Launch Flight Testing
2013Flight Testing the UTA Blimp
2012Hypersonic Flight Test: Recent Events, Challenges, and Solutions
2007Final Development and Verification of a new Ground Proximity Warning System
2007EF2000 Environmental Trials - The Long Way to All Weather Qualification
2006Active Noise Reduction Test
2005Parachute Testing for NASAs X-38 Crew Return Vehicle
2003VTOL Heritage: Lockheed XV-4A Flight Test
2003Single Stage to Orbit (SSTO) Hypersonic Vehicle Design "Waverider"
2002Flight Testing the F-15C AESA Radar OFP 2
2000Fiber Optic Ship Flight Deck Lighting for the New Millennium
1999Design and Test of the Combat Rubber Raiding Craft
1999Reusable Aerospace Vehicles
1998Ring Laser Gyro/Global Positioning System Navigation Improvement Program Plus
1996ADS Europe Flight Trials Programme
1994Airship Applications of Modern Flight Test Techniques
1994EL-2032 Fire Control Radar - Flight Test Program Review
1993Flight Testing the RAST Mk III
1993Design and Conduct of a Wind Shear Detection Flight Experiment
1991The EJ200 Engine Design and Development Status
1991Flight Testing the Space Shuttle Orbiter
1990The High Technology Test Bed - A Research Programme For Technology Development
1989The Equipment of a Research Aircraft with Emphasis on Meteorological Experiments
1988Flight Testing' a Multi-Megawatt Wind Turbine
1986Space Salvage - A Report on Shuttle Mission STS 51
1986STOL/Maneuver Technology Demonstrator Test Program
1983Testing Smarter
1982Fly Before Buy Software - The AN/ARN-101 Service Report Correction Program
1982PAVE MOVER Flight Test Program
1980Design, Development and Flight Testing of a Jet Powered Sailplane
1980Small Scale Free Flight Research at Lockheed-Georgia
1978Shuttle Orbital Flight Test
1975Fighter Launched Advanced Materials Experiment Utilizing an F-4J Aircraft and a Two Stage Pedro/Recruit Rocket
1974VTAS DT&E Program
1974Flight Demonstration of the Feasibility of a Scanning Beam Microwave Landing System