BVLOS Useful Resources

Safety & Risk Assessments for BVLOS Flight Test

Below is a working list of useful resources for the assessing risk for BVLOS flight test operations. This list will be expanded on as meetings progress:

ISE94-003A - Retificada.pdf (

8040.6 - Unmanned Aircraft Systems Safety Risk Management Policy – Document Information (

4040.26C - Aircraft Certification Service Flight Test Risk Management – Document Information (

Recommended Reading for BVLOS Flight Test

Peter Merlin: Crash Course This book was recommended in a recent edition of the Flight Test Safety Fact, and is an excellent primer for anyone looking to get involved in the Flight Test Safety Risk Management sub-committee.

Sheridan and Verplank: Human and Computer Control of Undersea Teleoperators - Widely cited paper from 1978 that offers ten levels of automation, still relevant today.

Shneiderman, "Human-Centered AI: Reliable, Safe, and Trustworthy."  23 Feb 2020. Presents a framework for Human-Centered AI, where increasing human performance can lead to wider adoption.

Paul Scharre, "Robotics on the Battlefield, Part 1." Center for New American Security, 2014. Provides perspective and recommendations for military applications of autonomy. Also defines levels of autonomy as a function of 3 things: Human/machine C2 relationship, complexity of the task, and complexity of the machine.

Digital Flight: A New Cooperative Operating Mode to Complement VFR and IFR - NASA TM proposing Digital Flight Rules

Niewhoehner, O'Conner, and Traven, "What We're Learning About Learning: Flight Test Implications," SETP 2017. - This paper discusses historical perspectives where flight testers have ventured into unstructured domains, and offers some insights that can be applied to BVLOS flight testing.

Air Force Test Center, "Test and Evaluation of Autonomy for Air Platforms," July 2020, TIH 20-02. - This handbook takes lessons learned from numerous autonomy flight test platforms and describes some fundamental considerations for the testing of autonomous air platforms that can be applied to BVLOS flight test.

Digital Flight: A New Cooperative Operating Mode to Complement VFR and IFR, NASA Concept for Digital Flight Rules, an operating environment relevant to BVLOS

Committees and Other Regulatory Info

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Beyond Visual Line-of-Sight (BVLOS) Operations Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC)

US Senate Subcommittee: FAA Reauthorization: Integrating New Entrants into the National Airspace System

FAA: Certification for Advanced Operations Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) - broad description of FAA Durability & Reliability (D&R) process