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Past Symposia Papers

2018Surrogate Modeling and Data Analytics for Flight Load Analysis
2017Attacking Limit Cycle Oscillation with a Game Plan
2015F-35A Airloads Flight Testing, Testing in Buffet and Loads Repeatability
2011Limited Evaluation of AIM-9 Control Surface Effects On F-16 LCO Characteristics
2011E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Carrier Suitability Structural Demonstration
2008The Dawn of Wireless F-16 Instrumentation: A Survey of Flutter Flight Testing with Advanced Subminiature Telemetry System Concept Demonstrator
2006Telemetry, Telecommand, and Telecontrol - one system solves all
2000Low Cost Method to Check Long Term Behavior of FTI for In-Flight Loads Measurement
2000An Evaluation Technique for an F/A-18 Aircraft Loads Model Using F/A-18 Systems Research Aircraft Flight Data
1997Joint Stand-Off Weapon Compatibility Testing on the F-16 Multi-Role Fighter
1996Structural Flight Test of the 'Beluga'
1995Airload Flight Testing: New Realities and Old Methods
1994A Method to Determine the Vmo of NC.212-200 Rain Maker Aircraft
1993New Procedures for Roller Coaster Maneuvers
1993An Excitation System for Aircraft Flutter Testing: Some Highlights of Flight Test Applications
1991Fatigue Load Spectra Analysis of Y7 Aircraft
1990Limit Cycle Oscillation and Flight Flutter Testing
1990Helicopter In-Flight Frequency Response Test Techniques
1989Random Air Turbulence as a Flutter Test Excitation Source
1988C-130 Hercules Outer Wing Residual Strength Tests
1988Current Flight Test Experience Related to Structural Divergence of Forward-Swept Wings
1987On the Identification of Aerodynamic Coefficients by Means of Measured Flight Loads
1987Development of Maneuver Loads Spectrum for F-7 Aircraft
1986NLR Contributions to the Flutter Certification of Aircraft with External Stores
1985A New Look at Inflight Loads on Existing Transport Aircraft
1985From Mainframe to Micro -- Structures and Flutter Testing at the Air Force Flight Test Center
1985Flight Flutter Testing at Ames-Dryden
1983The Evolution of Flutter Excitation at McDonnell Aircraft
1982F-15 Inflight Wing Loads Calibration
1982Flight Flutter Test Methodology at Grumman
1980Modern Techniques of Conducting a Flight Loads Survey Based on Experience Gained on the Black Hawk Helicopter
1977Flight Test of Combat Aircraft Loads and Dynamic Behavior Encountering Aircraft Trailing Vortices
1976Flight Test Evaluation of Helicopter Operational Loads and Dynamic Response Characteristics
1976Aeroservoelasticity - A Merging of Technologies
1974Application of the Fast Fourier Transform to Ground Vibration Testing and Flight Flutter Testing
1970Computerized Flight Flutter Testing of the F-14A
1970Computerized Flight Flutter Testing of the F-14A