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Past Symposia Papers

2017Lessons Learned during Initial P-8A Poseidon Aerial Refueling Flight Test Certification
2016Autonomous Aerial Refueling Demonstration: Integrating the UCAS-D X-47B with a Manned Tanker in Limited Scope Aerial Refueling Testing
2010Combat Test - Test and Evaluation When the Lines Blur
2009Flight Test: Supporting the Investigation of Factors Affecting Loss of Control of Light Aircraft
2009AESA / Automatic Carrier Landing System Compatibility Testing
2007Operation Horned Owl: Lessons in Expeditionary Flight Test
2006Verification of AAR Functionality of JAS 39 Gripen
2006Using Variable Stability Aircraft to Demonstrate Automated Aerial Refueling
2006Iraqi Test Acceleration - The Saga of the Comp Air -7SLX
2006Ship Suitability Testing - Preparing for the Future
2003Royal Australian Air Force C-130J-30 Paratrooping Development Test & Evaluation
2003Seeing Through the Fog: Catapult Steam Environment Testing for the Joint Strike Fighter
2002Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) Certification of the MH-60S Helicopter Common Cockpit
2000Testing of Long-Range Weaponry
2000Military Qualification of Fighter Aircraft in the Netherlands
2000In Service Event Analysis a Flight Test Continuity
1998Wartime Flight Testing
1991AH-1/MK66 Engineering Investigation
1990KC-135R Low Altitude Air Refueling Flight Test Program
1988Air-To-Air Combat Helicopter Development
1988Service Suitability Testing of the F/A-18A for Use by the Blue Angels Navy Flight Demonstration Team
1987NATO E-3A Production Acceptance Testing
1987Determination of Limitations for Helicopter Ship-Borne Operations
1985Flight Testing in the Aircraft Carrier Environment
1981Enhanced F-15 Air-To-Ground Flight Demonstrations
1980Initial F-18 Carrier Suitability Testing
1976Operational Flight Testing - Hit or Myth?
1976Flight Test Development of a Helicopter-Towed Surface Delivery System
1974Integrated Avionics - Controls and Displays for Helicopter IFR Operation