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Past Symposia Papers

2014F/A-18E/F Air to Ground Gunnery
2013Design of Experiments Used to Investigate an F/A-18 Strafing Anomaly
2011Flight Test of the Boeing 737 Airborne Early Warning and Control Countermeasures Dispense Envelope
2009Flight testing of airborne EW systems (RWR and ECM)
2009Flight Testing - A Part of the Road to NVG Introduction in SwAF
2009Determining the Accuracy of Launch Acceptability Region
2007EA-6B Night Vision System Envelope Expansion Testing
2003Flight Test Evaluation of the Non-Distributed Flight Reference Off-Boresight Helmet-Mounted Display Symbology
2003Risk Reduction Testing of the Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod
2003Flight Testing the APG-68(V)9 Fire Control Radar a t EAFB, CA
2002Flight Test and Evaluation of Electro-Optical Sensor Systems
2002Development and Integration of Camera Pods on the U.S. Navy F/A-18E/F Aircraft
1997Test and Evaluation of a High Accuracy Navigation Reference System
1995Realization of the EW T&E Process
1992How Stealthy? - Test Techniques for New Military Aircraft and Missiles
1991F-15E Weapons Accuracy Analysis Methodology
1990Approach Flight Trials in The Netherlands for the NAVSTAR GPS Joint Program Office International Test Program
1983Flight Test and Evaluation of the A-10 Single-Seat Night Attack Avionics
1982An Evolution of AN/ARN-101 Digital Modular Avionics System (DMAS) Testing
1982Unique Flight Test Considerations for the Integrated Flight/Fire Control Program
1981Georgia Tech Coherent Jammer Flight Test
1980TORNADO-Avionic Development Testing
1979Achieving Effective Radar Cross Section Flight Pro files on the B-1 Aircraft
1977F-4E Austere Heads-Up Display/Gunsight Evaluation
1976A Single-Place Night-Attack Development Flight Test and Evaluation Program
1973Energy Management Display
1971A Simplified Criterion for Optimization and Evaluation of Combat Aircraft Lateral Aiming Performance