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Past Symposia Papers

2019Flight Testing a Head Worn Display - The Challenges of Introducing Novel Avionic Equipment in Civil Aircraft
2017ADS-B Integration Challenges and Strategies on the F-16
2006Here I am and There You Are! Installing ADS-B in Navy Test Aircraft as a Limited Technical Experiment
2003Flight Test of New Integrated Navigation System (N INS) and New Integrated Landing System (NILS)
2000EMC System Tests on Aircraft
1994A-10 Global Positioning System Integration Flight Testing
1993An Analysis of GPS Carrier Phase Data for Flight Test Space Positioning
1992Flight Testing of Head Up Display Accuracy
1992The Experimental Flight Management System - An Air Traffic Management Research Tool
1991Test Methods and Results of F-16/GPS Integration
1991TCAS II Testing Conflicts and Resolutions
1990Flight Testing of the Boeing 747-400 Central Maintenance Computer System
1990An IFF Based Acquisition Aid for Real-Time Weapons System Flight Test
1989Flight Testing the 747-400 Flight Management Computer System
1987Electromagnetic Compatibility and the Flight Test Engineer
1986Testing and Development of Holographic HUD Systems
1984Automated Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing of Naval Aircraft and Integrated Avionics
1976MARK 13 Area Navigation Certification
1976Area Navigation Systems Flight Testing for Compliance with Airworthiness Regulations
1975The Application of DME Positioning Technology to F light Testing
1975Ground Proximity Warning System Testing
1974Automated Avionics System Checkout and Monitoring in a Flight Test Environment
1971Status of the OMEGA System and Applications to Airborne Navigation
1970Evaluation of Airborne Digital Computers