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Past Symposia Papers

2006Flight Testing an Adaptive Controller and Simulate d Failures/Damage on the NASA NF-15B
2001Recent NRC Experiences with Rotorcraft Active Flight Control Technologies
1983Quantifying AFTI/F-16 Gust Alleviation Characteristics Using Frequency Response Analysis
1977The Fighter Control Configured Vehicle Program Development and Flight Test Summary
2017Certifying Autoland Systems
2008Performance and Perception of Precision Approach and Landing Systems Aboard USS Harry S. Truman
2005Using DGPS To Determine Autopilot Minimum Use Height
2002Test Results of an F/A-18 Automatic Carrier Landing Using Shipboard Relative GPS
2002Causes and Effects of Autothrottle Integrator Saturation on the Performance of the Approach Power Compensator of the S-3B Digital Flight Data Computer
2000Microwave Landing System Integration on IAF Tornado
1982Optimizing the F-14A DLC/APC System for Improved Glideslope Performance
1971Automatic Approach and Hover Coupler for HH-53 Helicopter
1971Flight testing of the Automatic Carrier Landing System
1989F/A-18A Digital Flight Control System Degraded Mode S Flight Evaluation
1985Flight Testing a Transonic Wing with Maneuvre Flaps and a Direct Side Force Control System for CAS Aircraft
1981In-Flight Simulation of a Digitally Implemented Direct Force Mode
1971Flight Test Evaluation of the A-7D/E Emergency Bac k-Up Flight Control System
2016Lessons Learned from Fly-by-Wire: Hazards and Mitigation with New Technology
2001Flight Testing the World's First 'Power by Wire' Fighter Aircraft
1973Survivable Flight Control System Fly-By-Wire Flight Testing
2018Accepting No Unnecessary Risk: Testing Autopilot-coupled TCAS on the G650
2015Data Analysis of the F16 Automatic Air and Ground Collision Avoidance Systems
1999Development of a Pitch and Roll ACAH System for the VSS Bell 205 Helicopter - ETPS FTE Course
2006Research Flight Test of a Retrofit Reconfigurable Flight Control System
1998C-17A Change-a-Gain System Flight and Ground Testing
1971HOVVAC - Navy's Versatile Flight Control System for V/STOL Flight Test Programs
2004Developments in Automatic Code Generation and Applications to Flight Control Systems
1996MD-11 Propulsion Controlled Aircraft Flight Test Program
1995Developing Flight Test Techniques to Ensure Proper Rigging of Highly Augmented Aircraft
1987P - 180 Three Lifting Surface Aircraft: Longitudinal Control During Configuration Changes
1986Design and Test of Integrated Sensors, Avionics, and Flight Controls: Experiences in Developing an Air-To-Surface Automated Maneuvering Attack System on the AFTI/F-16
1982Automated Flight Test Maneuvers: The Development of New Technique
1981Sidestick Controller Design Requirements
1971Wind Tunnel Investigations of a Closed-Loop Fluidic Bi-Directional Jet-Flap Control System for Airfoil Lift Control
1990Flight Testing a Digital Terrain Following System
1985Flight Testing of the Tornado Terrain Following Radar System in Bad Weather
1977B-1 Terrain Following
1971Flight Test Evaluation of Terrain Following Concepts for Army Helicopters