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Past Symposia Papers

2019Using Eye Gaze Tracker to Automatically Estimate Pilots’ Cognitive Load
2015Flow and Structure Deformation Research of a Composite Glider in Flight Conditions
2008Strain Gage Installation Quality, Reliability &; Performance
2006High Accuracy Miniature Pressure Transducer
2004The Big Future of Small Sensors: Micro Sensors for Aircraft Applications
2002Low Cost Biodegradable Airborne Visual Flow Indicator
2002Going with the Flow - In-Flight Flow Angle Measurement
2001Ultra-Small Pitot Tube Mems Air Data Sensor and Related Devices
2001A Belt System for a Flight Test Surface Pressure Survey
1999Flight Performance Determination Using GNSS Carrier Phase Solution
1999Pressure Belt - A Smart Sensor Network System for Flight Test
1997A Limited In-Flight Evaluation of the Constant Current Loop Strain Measurement Method
1997Flight Demonstration of a Shock Location Sensor Using Constant Voltage Hot-Film Anemometry
1995A Camera for Wide Angle Diffraction Optics HUD Image Reproduction. Realization and Applications in Flight Tests
1995Application of Differential GPS to Flight Testing Experience Gained by Alenia Flight Test
1994Wind Turbulence Measurement Over Large Areas Using Spatial Correlation Velocimetry
1994Using Differential GPS as a TSPI Source in Flight Test of High-Performance Aircraft
1993A Position Reference System for Flight Tests Based on GPS/IRS Integration
1993A New Generation of Probes for Aerodynamic Research
1992An Analysis of a GPS-Code Sensor for Flight Test Space Positioning
1992Recent Developments in Fast Response Aerodynamic Probe Technology
1992In-Flight Non-Intrusive Measurement of Angle-of-Attack Based on Stagnation Point Location
1991In-Flight Detection of Stagnation, Transition and Separation Using Micro-Thin Surface Hot-Films
1990A Digital Doppler Rate of Descent Indicator
1990Variable Capacitance Accelerometer - An Attractive Alternative for Flight Test Measurements
1990Predicted and Measured In-Flight Wing Deformations of a Forward-Swept-Wing Aircraft
1990Calibration of an Aircraft Control Surface Using a Tri-Axial Accelerometer Package
1990Low Profile Microsensor for Aerodynamic Pressure Measurement
1989Downwash Measurement at the Horizontal Tail
1988The Measurement of Linear and Angular Displacement s In Prototype Aircraft Instrumentation, Calibration and Operational Accuracy
1987Electro-Optical Flight Deflection Measurement System
1987Inertial Measurement of Airfield Performance
1985Precise Control Surface Position Measurements for Hysteresis and Twist Testing
1984Infrared Instrumentation Capabilities at Eglin Air Force Base
1984A New High Temperature Silicon on Sapphire Transducer for Jet Engine Control Applications
1984Inflight Resolution Evaluation for Thermal Imaging Systems
1983HADS Digital Pressure Transducer
1983Uses of a Digital Electronic Theodolite System in a Weapon Separation Program
1983Continued Development of Distance Measuring Equipment for Real-Time Spatial Positioning in Military Aircraft Testing
1982An Application of DME for Measuring Real Time Field Performance
1979Recent Progress in Aircraft Sink Rate Measurement
1979VSTOL Test Techniques Utilizing Laser Tracking
1978Pressure Instrumentation for Gas Turbine Engines - a Review of Measurement Technology
1977F-16 Progress in Performance Flight Testing Using an Inertial Navigation Unit
1977Ultrasonic Method of Gun Gas Detection
1976Precise Digital Pressure Measurement in an Airborne Environment
1974Airborne Testing of Advanced Multisensor Aircraft
1974Hot-Wire Anemometry for In-Flight Measurement of Aircraft Wake Vortices
1973The Use of a Navigation Platform for Performance Flight Testing