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Past Symposia Papers

2017Steep Approach of Transport Category Aircraft
2016AT-6C Semi-Prepared Testing Operations
2013Gulfstream G650 Flight Test Accident
2013F-35B STOVL for USMC
2008Sailplane Aerotow Takeoff Performance Evaluation Through Model Validation
2006An Overview of Field Performance on Gravel Runways
2003Waterboy Wet Runway Performance Testing - An Operations Point of View
1999Harrier II Short Take-Off Performance - Improving the Jump Jet's Jump
1999Vmu Testing
1997A Validation of DGPS as an Autoland Verification System
1996A Low-Cost Method for Generating Takeoff Ground Roll Charts from Flight Test Data
1996Evaluation of a GPS Sensor for Runway Performance Tests
1993Take-Off and Landing Trajectory Measurement with On-Board Accelerometers
1991United States Navy Ski Jump Experience and Future Applications
1990AV-8B V/STOL Performance Analysis
1989AV-8B Shipboard Ski Jump Evaluation
1989Use of Onboard Data for Takeoff Performance Determination
1988Research and Application of a New Kind of Measurement Technology of Take-Off and Landing Performance
1987Modeling V/STOL Takeoff Performance
1987Military Aircraft Testing Techniques for Sub-Standard Runway Operations
1984Conventional Takeoff and Landing Airplane Ski Jump Evaluation
1983Conventional Takeoff and Landing Airplane Ski Jump Evaluation
1983Development and Qualification Testing of S-76 Helicopter Takeoff and Landing Procedures for Reduced Field Length
1983Takeoff Performance Data Using Onboard Instrumentation
1982A Technique for Determining Powered-Lift STOL Aircraft Performance at Sea Level from Flight Data Taken at Altitude
1980Performance Flight Test Evaluation of the Ball-Bar toe JW-1 Jetwing STOL Research Aircraft
1978ARIA Takeoff Performance Flight Test Program
1977YC-15 STOL Performance Flight Test Methods
1976An Electronic Method for Measuring Takeoff and Landing Distances
1975Status of the Air Cushion Landing System Flight Test Program
1975Model 737 Advanced Low-Pressure Tire Gravel Runway Certification Program
1974Developing STOL Operational Criteria
1974High Sink-Rate Landing Testing of Navy Aircraft