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Past Symposia Papers

2022Data Hackathons: Jumpstarting Your Test Organization's Digital Transformation
2016Leveraging PLC Technology to Interface Network Sensors and Subsystems on Legacy Platforms
2014History and Evolution of Metadata Standards for the FTI Community
2007The Challenges of Flight Test Instrumentation: Case Studies in Real-time Flight Test Monitoring and Advanced Instrumentation
2007Data Display Interchangeability for Heterogeneous Platforms
2003NATO/RTO Publications on Flight Test Techniques and Flight Test Instrumentation
1996Improved Analysis Approach Using a Collocated Integrated Multi-Functional Data System
1994Use of Commercial and Surplus Instrumentation to Reduce the Cost of Flight Testing
1991The Future of Flight Test Instrumentation
1987New Techniques in Flight Testing
1986Satisfying the Information Requirements of an Aircraft T&E Center
1982Guidelines for Developing Electronic Test Equipment, Procedures and Programs
1980Data Systems Organization - A Change for the Better
1979Are We Spending Too Much on Flight Test Instrumentation?
1978Space Shuttle Data Acquisition and Processing
1977Space Shuttle Orbiter Approach and Landing Program Status
1970The Computer Versus the Analyst
1970General Calculation Capability in a Production Data Reduction Environment - Batch Processing
1970Grumman Automated Telemetry System