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Past Symposia Papers

2019FTI Based on Image Processing
2019Machine Learning Techniques Applied to Flight Test Data Evaluation
2018Data Science Workflows: A Flight Test Case Study
2016HAVE LIGHT - An Evaluation of Electro-Optic System Imaging Performance Test Techniques and C-12J Utility as an Electro Optics Airborne Test Bed
2015Can We Migrate Our Analysis Routines to Python
2013The Evolution of IADS Analysis - The Path to Credibility and Acceptance
2010Automating the Data Reduction Process for More Efficient Flight Tests and Quicker Flight Releases to Customers
2010From Kneeboards to Mobile Computers - Achieving Higher Quality Flight Test Engineering Education at Lower Cost
2009Helicopter/Ship Securing Test & Analytic Options
2009Considerations When Using Confidence Intervals to Compare Flight Test Data Sets
2009A Set of Software Tools and Methodology for Model Driven Live Test Data Processing, Visualization and Logging
2008Using a NOAA Database, GPS, and/or Pressure Altitude Measurements to Determine Height above Terrain
2007IADS Real-time Operating Deflection Shapes Display - An Advancement in Real-Time Flight Test Analysis
2007QuickView - A Data Analysis Tool for Flight Test and Beyond
2006DIADS - Evolution in Electronic Warfare T&E
2006Technology Options to Enhance Rotorcraft/Ship Testing and Related Analysis
2004IADS The Interactive Analysis and Display System
2002Photogrammetrics - Methods and Applications for Aviation Test and Evaluation
2001Rotorcraft/Shipboard Landing Analytic Options
2000Flight Test Modified Mean Filter - aka The Spike Killer
2000ProboTools Stella - A 4th Generation Data Analysis System
1999F/A-18E/F Weapon Separation Photogrammetric Analysis
1994The Use of Genetic Algorithms for Flight Test and Evaluation of Artificial Intelligence and Complex Software Systems
1993Terrain Following Testing for Low Energy Aircraft and Improved Data Analysis Techniques
1993Modernizing Post-Test Analysis for Flight Test Engineering
1993Image Quality Optimization Methods for Airborne Video Imaging Systems
1992Flight Deflection Measurement System
1991Generic Software Tools for Test and Evaluation of Weapon Delivery Systems
1991Analysis Tools Derived from Investigating Aerodynamic Loss of Tail Rotor Effectiveness (LTE)
1990C.A.T.C.H.: Computer Aided Test Conductor Handbook: A Method for Reducing Cost, Time and Effort in a n Aircraft Test and Certification Program
1989High Precision Real Time Airplane Positioning System with Full Navigational Capabilities for Flight Testing
1989RPAS - Runway Performance Analysis System
1989High-Speed Motion Analysis
1988Establishing Artificial Intelligence Technology in a Flight Test Environment
1988ExpertVision: A Video-Based Non-Contact System for Motion Measurement
1988Low Cost Equipment for Flight Test Film and Video Evaluation
1987Image Processing as a Tool in Flight Test Evaluation
1984An Intelligent Amplifier
1983The Microcomputer in Flight Test Data Reduction
1982Operational Aircraft Performance Evaluation - An Approach to Testing Using a Head-Up Display System
1979Airborne Video Instrumentation/Data Reduction
1978INACT - Interactive Test Data Analysis
1978Flight Test Technology Development: A Preview of DyMoTech
1976Photogrammetry Techniques Utilized by Grumman During the F-14A Weapon Separation Flight Test Program
1976Air to Air Gunnery Analysis System
1975Numerical Method for Liquid Water Content Prediction in the Air Force Flight Test Center Icing Spray Cloud
1975CHASE - The Optimum Photoanalysis System
1974Naval Missile Center Photo Data Analysis of Store- Separation Films
1973Data Management During the Navy Performance Test and Evaluation of the F-14A Airplane
1971The Use of Photogrammetrics in Flight Testing the A-7D/E Navigation System
1970A Desk Calculator for On-Board Data Reduction
1970The Median as an Estimate if the CEP - A Simple Approach to Bivariate Error Evaluation