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Past Symposia Papers

2014Addressing the Challenges Created by Large Networked Ethernet FTI
2013Low Cost Flight Test Instrumentation for Educational Purposes
2013An Innovative Low Maintenance Data Acquisition Solution for Load Factor Capture
2012Flight Test Instrumentation on a Rotary Wing Aircraft
2009Academic Experiences with A Very Light Aircraft - dedicated Flight Test Instrumentation System
2008Overview of an Integrated Instrumentation Data System Used by the F-35
2008System-wide synchronization in network-based data acquisition systems and its effect on sampling simultaneity
20071588-Enhanced Vehicle Network Concept Demonstration
2007Integration of the Flight Test Instrumentation and Telemetry System for an F/A-18 Hornet Flight Test Program
2006Carry-on & Quick Install Instrumentation for Flight Test
2004Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog Converter Technology Assessment
2004Application of an Interface Control Unit to the EA -18G Flight Test Program
2004Small UAV and RPV Inertial Flight Test Instrumentation Systems
2003Using a Real Time Linux Data System for a Modified C-130 Flight Test Program
2003Flight Test Recording and Telemetry of Avionic Fibre Channel Networks
2002Electric Bomb Fuzing Instrumentation System Test Program on the F/A-18A Aircraft
2000New Flight Test Instrumentation for the RNLAF F-16 MLU Aircraft
2000Managing and Acquiring Test Data in the Information Age
2000Solid State Recorders for FTI
1999The Integrated Portable Ground System at Boeing, S t. Louis
1998Certifying and Flight Testing a Portable Data Recording System for In-Service Use
1997Investigating Structural Issues with In-Service Flight Testing
1996The Common Airborne Instrumentation System
1996The Radar In-Phase and Quadrature Data Recording System for the E-2C Group II Hawkeye
1996Using Advanced F/T Technologies on an Upgraded Radar F/T Program
1996ASVS for High-Frame Rate Airborne Multi-Camera Digital Imaging
1995The Modular Data Acquisition System and Its Role in UK Mod Flight Trials
1994The Lower-Dynamic Data Acquisition System as Part of the MRVS-90 Instrumentation System
1993Black Box Data Not Just for Crashes Anymore
1992A High-Speed, Ruggedized, Miniature Instrumentation Recorder Utilizing Commercial Technology
1991Common Airborne Instrumentation System
1991Instrumentation for In-Flight Acoustic Measurements in an Engine Inlet Duct of a Fokker 100 Aircraft
1991Dynamic Core Store - OFP-Embedded Data Capture
1990State-of-the-Art Airborne Video Recording
1990Real Time Data Acquisition for Expert Systems in Unix Workstations at Space Shuttle Mission Control
1989Cost Conscious Design for Data Acquisition System Ground Support Equipment
1989A Measurement System for Production Flight Tests of New Aircraft
1988Data Compression for Data Acquisition, Storage and PCM Transmission
1987The Data Acquisition System for the Fokker 100 Test Aircraft
1987Airborne Data Monitoring System
1987Instrumentation for ULM and Hang-Glider Flight Tests
1987Flight Test Data Acquisition and Processing - The Aeritalia Solution
1986Flight Test and Evaluation of a Prototype Airborne Video and Pulse Code Modulation Multiplexing System
1985A Minimum Approach to Flight Testing
1985Flight Testing on Customer Aircraft with a Portable Airborne Digital Data System
1985Avionics Digital Data Acquisition System
1984Airborne Instrumentation Magnetic Tape Recording Thru the Early 90's
1984Use of Video Cassette Recorders for Combined Video and PCM Data Recording
1984IFDAPS: A Software Overview
1984The Best Seat in the House: A User's View of IFDAP S
1984Flight Test Data Acquisition and Processing System
1984Air Force Flight Test Instrumentation System: An Introduction for Flight Test Engineers and Managers
1983Grumman's Display and Control System - Work in Progress
1983PADDS - A Portable Airborne Digital Data System
1983767/757 Instrumentation System
1982A Ground Test Instrumentation Data System for EW Systems Flight Testing
1982High Density Digital Data Encoding, Transmission and Decoding in Standard Video Signals
1981A Cost Effective Quick-Response Test Station
1981Reducing the Cost for Airborne Instrumentation Hardware Testing
1981Application of Pulse Code Modulation Technology to Aircraft Dynamics Data Acquisition
1980Development of a Simple, Self-Contained Flight Test Data Acquisition System
1980Size Reduction Flight Test Airborne Data Systems
1980Simulator Data Test Instrumentation Flight Test Challenge of the Eighties
1980The Boeing Flight Test Data System 1980
1980Instrumentation Remote "Mini" Ground Station
1979MIDS - The Right Tool for Small Test Jobs
1979A Low-Cost Airborne Data Acquisition System
1979Experience from Testing the Viggen Electronic Systems Utilizing Existing Computer Capacity
1979From Tape Measure to Computer Tape
1977Development of an On-Board Minicomputer System
1976Instrumentation for an Air-to-Ground Target Acquisition Experiment
1976Large Quantity, High Speed Pressure Data Acquisition
1976Development of a Unique, Operational Digital Data Acquisition System for Test Pilot Training and Aircraft Performance Monitoring
1976Data Acquisition at the Canadian Forces Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment During the Late 197 0's
1975A Method of Measuring Static Pressures Using High Speed Electronic Scanning Techniques
1973Implementation of the Uniform Flight Test Analysis System
1970The Use of an Interactive Computer to Optimize a Photographic Data Acquisition System
1970An Integrated Data System for Antenna Pattern Testing