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Past Symposia Papers

2021Air Data Basics from An FTE Perspective
2019Flight Test Results of Turning Regressions for Angle of Attack Dependent Air Data Error
2017Application of Orbis Method for Static Source Error Testing
2017Dealing with the Wind: Analysis of Turn Regression Airspeed Calibration Technique
2016Full Envelope Airspeed Calibration using a Single Turning Acceleration Technique
2016Air Data System Calibration, Enhancements over the Classical Geometrical Approach
2015Statistical Pitot-Static Airspeed Calibration using a Turning Acceleration Technique
2014Inflight Test Results Comparing Parameter Estimation Techniques to Traditional Methods to Determine Static Source Position Error
2012F-16D Pacer Aircraft Calibration Methods
2012Flight Test Matrix Options for Simultaneous Identification and Estimation of Mach, Dynamic Pressure, and Pressure Altitude Effects
2011Statistical Pitot-static Calibration Technique using Turns and Self Survey Method
2011Anemometric Calibration by Pacer Fly-By
2011The Effects of Aircraft Acceleration and Deceleration on Static Source Error Corrections
2010Developmental Testing of a Pacer Aircraft Equipped with a Trailing Cone System
2010Error Analysis and Design of Experiments Comparison of Pitot-static Calibration Techniques
2006Flight Testing Smart Probes
2004Calibrating Air Data Systems Using GPS Technology
1998Pitot-Static Calibrations Using a GPS Multi-Track Method
1997Use of GPS for an Altitude Reference Source for Ai r Data Testing
1995A GPS Aided Altitude Reference Source for Air Data Testing
1990X-29 High Angle-of-Attack Flight Test Air Data Comparisons of an Inertial Navigation System and Nose boom Probe
1989Position Error Calibration of a Pressure Survey Aircraft Using a Trailing Cone
1986Application of the Hydraulic Analogy to Understand an In-Flight Total Temperature Anomaly
1984Economical In-Flight Calibration of Air Data Sensors Using Inertial Navigation Units as Reference
1983Noseboom Position Error Prediction Database Update
1981Airspeed Calibrations on a Stretch YC-141B Aircraft
1981Flight Test and Predicted Pressure Data Comparison on Aircraft Modifications
1980Analysis of Flight Test Measurements in Ground Effect
1978Evaluation of the Radar Altimeter Reference Method for Determining Altitude System Position Errors