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Previously conducted as on-site mini workshops, the TC transitioned to virtual workshops in recent years. Also called webinars, these are short, highly focused, and informal forums on specific topics. Be it related changes in technology, safety, best practices, etc., the TC pursues topics not already being addressed in other venues.
Example ideas include

  • New human factors rules from FAA
  • Highly integrated aircraft failure mode testing
  • Understanding filter impacts on digital sampling of analog data (down sampling, over sampling asynchronous data).
  • Best practices for (overwhelming) data management
  • Resumes networking job ops
  • Intro to FTE-ing for college students
  • UAVs & CFRs
  • Commercial Space & CFRs
  • SFTE Boot camp: tour the Reference Handbook, digital Notebook, etc.

The TC always invites members to suggest webinar topics or help lead one.