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The 29th SFTE European Chapter Symposium will be held at the Delft University of Technology, at the premises of Faculty of Aerospace Engineering in Delft, The Netherlands from 29-31 May 2018. 

The organization of the Symposium is co-managed by the Netherlands Association of Aeronautical Engineers (NVvL), the Delft University of Technology and the Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR). 

Program Summary:

May 29:

  1. Keynote and Technical Sessions

  2. Reception @ Aerospace Engineering

May 30:

  1. Technical Sessions, SFTE Business Meeting

  2. SFTE European Chapter Symposium Dinner @Restaurant Van der Dussen (Downtown Delft)

May 31:

  1. Technical Tour

Registration Costs

Participant Registration Fee
1 SFTE and/or NVvL Members € 400.00
2 Non Members € 450.00
3 Special Fee (i.e. Students) € 50.00
4 Partner Fee (Dinner and Technical Tour Only) € 100.00

Onsite Payment requires an additional fee of € 50.00.

Only those who pay the full amount participate in the entire program.

Hotel Accommodations

The Conference Organization DID NOT make any block reservation.

Hotel reservations can be booked at the discretion of the attendee.

The hotels listed are recommended offering prices ranging fro

Location information

Mekelweg 2, 2628 CD Delft, Netherlands

2628 CD Delft
Mekelweg 2