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The Board of Directors is requesting nominations for the Society's annual awards. 


We have three significant SFTE annual awards: 


- the "Kelly Johnson" Award: recognizes an individual for their excellence and outstanding achievement in flight test engineering. 


-James S. McDonnell Award; given to a team who shall be or has been active in flight test engineering. 


-the Director's Award: recognition of a member with exceptional dedication and service to the Society of Flight Test Engineers. Usually, these are members who have provided significant and lasting contributions towards the welfare, stature, leadership, or membership of the Society. Nominations may only be submitted by a Chapter or an SFTE BOD member


Each year, the Society offers an opportunity for a member to become a Fellow, the highest grade achievable in the Society. To be elected as a Fellow, the member must have been a Senior Member in good standing for at least two years and have attained a position of notable distinction in the field of flight test engineering. Both General Society members and/or individual Chapters may nominate Fellows. Nominations should be in the form of a one- to two-page narrative justifying why the nominee should be the next Fellow. Nominations which include a resume, letter of recommendation, and examples of how the individual has positively impacted the flight test community are strongly encouraged. 

The Society also offers scholarships to dependents of Society Members in good standing or to Student Members in good standing for at least six months. The student must have completed their college freshman year and be pursuing their first undergraduate degree majoring in engineering, computer sciences, mathematics, physics, or other technical discipline related to the aerospace field. Applications are due August 21 and transcripts must be received by September 4 to be eligible. 

Nominations may be submitted via snail-mail, through e-mail to sfte@sfte.org, or by using the online Nomination Form at http://www.sfte.org/about-sfte/awards-a-recipients/award-nomination-form