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2018 Flight Test Safety Workshop - Call For Papers

2018 Flight Test Safety Workshop
  1-3 May 2018

Sheraton Arlington Hotel
Arlington, Texas


“Risk Management – extracting test program risk through detailed planning: hazard identification and risk mitigation – what worked, what didn’t, or what we missed in execution of test.”

Howdy y’all! We’re fixin’ to hold the next US Flight Test Safety Workshop in the Lone Star state. Please come join us for a Risk Management roundup.

Tragically, there have been several flight test accidents and close-call incidents in the last few years. The question is, are we doing the best we can and what can we do better? We’re hoping to get the communities best and brightest (that’s you…really) to come help stimulate the conversation.

This year we will start the roundup with a deep dive on flight test risk management to include clarifying concepts, definitions, and references within the flight test community. Once we get the herd going in the right direction we will work together to create some hazard analysis and risk assessments on typical fixed/rotary-wing test events. The culmination of this roundup will be to submit the hazard analysis and risk assessments to the Flight Test Safety Database (FTSD) for y’all to use back home.

To reinforce this year's theme and expand our learning we would like to hear from your test teams on their Risk Management process and if it had the desired effect. Were there opportunities missed? Unintended consequence of mitigation? Were emergency procedures sufficient for realized risk?

By circling-the-wagons on this topic, we hope to infuse a renewed and intensive focus on RM as an effective means to reduce test risk, execute with precision and safety, and help each other learn to avoid future incidents.

Presentations should be limited to 25 minutes. Please send paper/presentation proposals to the 2018 Flight Test Safety Workshop Chairman, Jeff Greenwood via Susan@setp.org
If you should have any questions regarding submitting an abstract please contact Jeff Greenwood at jsgreenwood@bh.com.

The deadline for abstracts is 12 February 2018 to allow time for appropriate consideration and inclusion in the program.