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2017 Flight Test Safety Workshop - Registration Open

The 2017 Flight Test Safety Workshop was held on 2-4 May 2017 in McLean, VA.

The theme of the workshop was "I/We learned a lot about flight test from that.....".   Everyone involved in flight test (and aviation for that matter) has had at least one incident or story that has molded and changed the way they operate.  Whether it was a ground incident, flight mishap, or simply a time when a tester "scared" themselves, these events left such an impression on the individual, organization, manufacturer, or industry that it forever changed the way they approach flight test.  In some cases, these lessons learned were adopted by the entire flight test community.  In other cases, it was only the individual that adopted a new approach.  Whatever the impact, these are important events and lessons learned in the storied history of flight test.  It was time to revisit our past and share some of these stories to prevent mishaps in the future.

The Workshop Tutorial was presented by Mr. William Higgins and Mr. Daniel Boorman of The Boeing Company. The subject: "Developing Critical Checklists".

LCDR Colin Chance, USN coordinated the event. 

Hilton McLean Tysons Corner Hotel
7920 Jones Branch Drive
McLean, VA 22102, US