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49th Annual Symposium - Registration is Live

Coastal Empire is pleased to announce that registration is now open for the 49th Annual Symposium! 

To register for the 49th Annual Symposium, please visit http://coastalempiresfte.org/symposium-info 

Hotel reservations can be made at https://gc.synxis.com/rez.aspx?Hotel=76327&Chain=10237&arrive=10/3/2018&depart=10/16/2018&adult=1&child=0&group=SFT 

More information can be found on the SFTE Coastal Empire Website, http://coastalempiresfte.org/symposium-info 

All questions can be directed to CoastalEmpireSFTE@gmail.com 

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7th Annual ITPS Flight Test Seminar

Screen Shot 2017 07 23 at 20.35.56

The seventh annual ITPS Flight Test Seminar will be held at the International Test Pilots School, In London, Ontario, Canada on 13 - 14 December 2018. The seminar is a joint event with the Canadian Chapters of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots and the Society of Flight Test Engineers. The event is open free of charge to SETP and SFTE Members. Further details on the program will be promulgated at a future date.

Kindly contact Lorri McKibbin (lorri@itpscanada.com) for registration and information of local hotels and accommodation. 

6th Annual ITPS Flight Test Seminar

The sixth annual ITPS Flight Test Seminar was held at the International Test Pilots School, in London, Ontario, Canada.
The event was a joint event with the Canadian chapters of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots and the Society of Flight Test Engineers.
The event was open free of charge to SETP and SFTE members.
The event was capped by a Gala Dinner and Graduation Event featuring Keynote Speaker Brian Binnie and the presentation of diplomas to this year's graduating classes of test pilots and flight test engineers.
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48th Annual Symposium - Beach Party with the Pros

NOTE: The venue for the 48th Annual Symposium in Destin Florida was not in the path of Hurricane Irma. The city of Destin was spared from Hurricane Nate over this past weekend. It made landfall near Mobile, Alabama. The hotel did not sustain any damage from either hurricane. 



SFTE 2017 International Symposium

The Henderson Beach Resort

Destin, Florida

30 October – 2 November 2017

Sun Register

Register Now!


• Non-Member $700

• SFTE Member $650

• iPay (SFTE Member) $325

• Student $325

Optional Purchases:

• Awards Banquet $75

• Training Courses $30



The Henderson Hotel

Hotel Reservations

Use Symposium Group Code SFTENS17



Monday, 30 October


0800 Hrs

1. Aeroelasticity

2. Envelope Expansion Flight Test

3. Flight Controls

4. Flight Test Parameter Identification

5. Cyber Testing

Tuesday, 31 October

AM - Session I 

Auto Land Carothers

ADS-B Integration in Legacy Fighter Aircraft  Hopton

Attacking Limit Cycle Oscillation with a Game Plan Cook

Limit Cycle Oscillation Risk Characterization Program Garnand-Royo

PM - Session II 

2D & 3D Visualization of Flight Data for Enhanced Data Analysis and Pilot Training

Progress in the Migration of Flight Test Analysis Routines to Python Bretz

An Evaluation Flight in the Jet Provost with a Flight Test Engineering Approach Dr. Vitsas

The Evolution of Real-Time Data Monitoring Requirements Maxwell

ROGER – Real-time Over G Evaluation and Recommendation Sheaks

image009Wednesday, 1 November

AM - Session III

XV-24 First Flight Baughman

Extra EA 330 LE – Flight Test of Electric Aircraft Schildt

Airbus Commercial Aircraft Production Flight Test De Pizzol

New challenges in Flight Testing instruction Gómez-Blanco

Lessons Learned During Initial P-8A Poseidon Aerial Refueling Flight Test Certification Bank

PM - Session IV

Steep Approach Weyers

Reducing CH-53K Pilot Workload in Vertical Takeoffs Soneson

Human-Systems Integration Methods in Flight Test: A Consolidated Framework for Sociotechnical Modeling during Critical Phases of Flight in General Aviation Bernard

Applications Of The Technology Acceptance Model To Integration Of The Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance System In Fighter Aircraft Operations Richardson



Thursday, 2 November

AM - Session V


Technique for Efficient Air Data Calibration Using a GPS or Inertial Derived Static Reference Plane Maisler

Orbis Method for Static Source Error Testing Senter

Dealing With The Wind: An Analysis Of The Turn Regression Airspeed Calibration Technique Erb

Rotary Wing Hover Performance Technique Comparison Smith

PM - Session VI


Evaluating the Autonomous Flying Qualities of a Simulated Variable Stability Aircraft Hamidani

Identification of Aerodynamic Model of a Turboprop Trainer for the IPEV Flight Test Simulator Silva

Design, Development, and Application of the IPEV Flight Test Simulator Uehara

Statistics Based Virtual Pilot for Flight Data Analysis and Pilot Training Baker


Thursday, 2 November


48th Annual SFTE Awards Banquet

$75 Separate Ticket Required

Seattle SFTE Chapter Meeting June 2017

On the evening of June 7, 2017, members of the Seattle Chapter met at Raisbeck Aviation High School to conduct a dinner meeting. The purpose of the meeting was twofold, one to view the ninth grade students flight test projects results and to allow them to network with flight test professionals. In addition, we all heard a talk about B767 RTO testing highlights from Senior Flight Test Engineer Dave Talbot. This is an annual event held at the school as part of the Seattle Chapter's STEM Outreach. Dave T

Approximately 60 students, faculty, parents, and members were on hand to view the twenty plus teams of students presenting their takeoff testing results to SFTE members prior to dinner. Students were set up along the hallway with their poster boards of test results, eager to share with our members. Many members were impressed with the students' knowledge of takeoff testing, the factors that affect the lift equation, and how to calculate takeoff distances. Most of the students' results fell in line with predictions for changes to flaps, thrust, and weight, etc. Other variables had interesting results that weren't quite as expected, not an uncommon occurrence that happens in real life flight testing! Student presentation

After a fine buffet dinner of excellent Chinese food, Seattle Chapter President Ryan Crompton opened the meeting by introducing a student presenting test results of a B52. This was followed by Dave Talbot's interesting presentation on Carbon Brake and RTO testing on the B767. He included a bit of historical context as well as some of the small details to watch out for in doing this type of testing. This was recently presented at the Safety Workshop. Ryan C

Second student presentation

After the presentations, the students asked a series of observant and thoughtful questions to both Dave and the rest of the members ranging from more details on RTO testing to how to become a flight test engineer. 

After the event, students, faculty, and members enjoyed the technical exchange along with the opportunity to network with professionals. Thier ninth-grade teacher was very much appreciative of the Chapter's willingness to provide this opportunity to his students. Below are some pictures of the event. 



 Audience  Second audience 


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