The SFTE scholarship program exists for two purposes.

  • Primary: Promote the flight test profession by providing financial assistance to those students pursuing education programs that will lead them to a flight test related career.
  • Secondary: Provide a benefit to our membership by providing financial assistance to their dependents that are pursuing undergraduate college degrees.


Awards are made for one year only. Scholarship award amounts are set each year by the Board of Directors

Selection Criteria

Scholastic Achievement is the primary consideration for the award.  Secondary considerations are:

  • Relationship of career goals to flight test engineering
  • Extracurricular activities and community service efforts


  • The application and transcript(s) must be submitted by the published deadline, typically mid-Summer.
  • The Board of Directors will announce the recipients publicly at the Awards Banquet (in conjunction with the International Symposium), typically mid-Fall.
  • Funds are typically disbursed after the start of students‘ Fall term.

Eligibility and Requirements

  1. Membership must be established per one of the following:
    • Parental: Applicant shall be a dependent of a Society member in good standing. Affiliate members, or children of Affiliate members are not eligible. 
    • Own: Student members need to have been members in good standing for a period of at least 6 months prior to applying.
  2. Applicant shall be pursuing their first undergraduate university degree majoring in engineering, computer sciences, mathematics, physics, or other technical discipline related to the aerospace field.
  3. Applicant shall have completed their university freshman year prior to receiving the award.
  4. Transcripts should include all courses completed during the degree program, including Spring Term during the year of application.