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Membership Dues

The annual dues for Members, Associate Members, and Affiliate Members are payable in advance. Dues shall be established by and may be amended with the approval of two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors.

An individual's membership term shall be effective for the calendar year following the date of their initial admission or re-admission to the society. In the event, the member's admission occurred prior to 1 November 2014 their membership and renewal dates shall be 1 November. Otherwise, the membership date shall be the date of their admission. Renewals shall be credited to the members last active date of membership.

A portion of each Member's annual dues, the exact amount to be determined by the Board, shall be allocated for a yearly subscription to the Society publication, Flight Test News. An amount of not less than 10 percent of each Member's annual dues shall be reserved for distribution to his or her selected chapter. No assessments may be levied by any Chapter.

The annual membership fee (US$) for individuals is $55.00, while the annual fee for seniors (65 or older) is $30.00 and the annual fee for students is $15.00. MasterCard, VISA, and American Express credit cards are accepted. The Lifetime membership fee depends upon age, as shown below:

Note: Lifetime Membership Fees are in US$. 

For members up to 65 years old: Lifetime Fees = $2050 - (25 x Member's Age)  

For members of 66 years or older: Lifetime Fees = $400 

Lifetime Fee Structure