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49th Annual International Symposium

Coastal Empire

April 2018 UPDATE

Paper Submissions Closed

The Call for Papers was met with phenomenal response.  Almost twice as many topics were submitted as were needed to fill the agenda.  As a result, the paper submission deadline will not be extended.  The Coastal Empire chapter anticipates publishing complete details of the technical agenda in early June.


Display-Building Guidelines Workshop

During the 2017 Symposium, FTEs from Bombardier presented their work on company-internal standards for use in developing real-time (telemetry or on-board) data display screens.  Afterwards, a suggestion was made to develop guidelines for wider use within the profession.  To that end, a workshop will be held in conjunction with the Savannah 2018 Symposium to compile a new section for the SFTE Reference Handbook containing these guidelines.  Bombardier’s guidelines will be shared as one example during the workshop.  The Coastal Empire is looking for two more sets of guidelines for comparison.  Only two criteria exist for submission:  the respective organization must approve public release of the information and the guidelines involved must have been used during more than one test program. Please send submissions to coastalempiresfte@gmail.com


Come See Savannah’s Historic District and its Squares

This year’s symposium is being held at the DeSoto hotel in beautiful Downtown Savannah, GA. We hope you will be able to join us and experience the rich history this area has to offer

image002 1

Forsyth Park Fountain

One defining characteristic of Savannah's Historic District is its relatively-rare rectangular layout.  James Oglethorpe devised this pattern in 1733, shortly after landing in the New World and founding the Georgia Colony.  The plan called for a repeating series of "wards", each surrounding an open square.  This system was devised to aid efficient flow of traffic as residents went about public and private life.


                                                                    Trust and Tything Lots

"Trust" lots were laid out for civic facilities and "Tything" lots were laid out for residences.  Streets and lanes facilitated efficient traffic flow.  The central squares permitted assembly for both personal and public functions.


Savannah City Plan (c.1770)

As the city grew, new wards were added until there were 24.  City planners began deviating from Oglethorpe's plan thereafter, one evidence of which is Savannah's beloved "central" Forsyth Park.  


Savannah City Plan (c.2018)

Today, only 22 of the original 24 squares remain.  No visit to Savannah is complete without visiting at least a few of these beautiful squares.


image007 2

Madison Square - West of the DeSoto

Just outside rear exit from hotel meeting space


image008 4

Lafayette Square - South of DeSoto

Monday night welcome reception, held on the DeSoto pool deck, overlooks this square


image009 2

Chippewa Square - North of the DeSoto

...FYI, Forrest Gump's bench is now in a museum so don’t try to find it.


We hope to see youat the 49th International SFTE Symposium. Hotel Reservations and Symposium Registration are available HerePlease forward this email as you see fit. For more updates, please visit our Chapter website at CoastalEmpireSFTE.org and the Society Website at SFTE.org. 

Coastal Empire Chapter