Past Webinars

Flight Test Safety Lessons Learned

Part 1

28 March 2019

  • X-31 - Al Lawless
  • A340-600 - Al Lawless
  • YF-22A - Bob Barham

17 April 2019

      Part 3

      15 May 2019

      • G-650 - Ryan Stanford
      • Ranger 2000 - Al Lawless


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      Tech Classes

      2019 Symposium
      Toulouse, France

      Monday 10 June

      • Course 1 : Control Room Training: From Zero to First Flight
        Monsieur Brian Maisler(M)

      Scaled Composites Test Pilot

      • Course 2 : Airbus Fly-By-Wire : An introduction to Airbus Electrical Flight Control System
        Monsieur Stephane Vaux

      Airbus Flight Test Engineer

      • Course 3 : Military Standards for Flying Qualities of Piloted Aircraft
        Dr. Panos Vitsas

      ITPS Canada Instructor 

      • Course 4 : Introduction to Artificial Intelligence techniques (Machine Learning and Deep Learning)
        Monsieur Lucas Garcia

      Technical Standards 

      The Tech Council addresses  standards in flight testing such as sign conventions, measurement units, parameter names, nomenclature, abbreviations, and control room displays. The purpose is to provide consistency between flight test programs and organizations to allow more efficient, high quality flight testing while promoting safe flight operations. 

      Symposium Judging

      The Tech Council organizes and develops criteria for judging presentations at annual SFTE symposiums. Emphasis is placed on technical significance, innovation, and credibility in addition to audience consideration. The Tech Council also regularly requests volunteers to assist judging the presentations at the annual symposium.