6-7 September 2019 
University of Texas at Arlington

USMC MGen. (Ret.) Charlie Bolden

Keynote Speaker
Former NASA Administrator & Space Shuttle Commander

Friday, 6 September

Bell Flight Test Tour
(US Members Only)

F-35 Production Tour
(US Members Only)

AIAA/ SAE Student 

Saturday, 7 September
Technical Presentations & BBQ Luncheon Keynote

John M. Quinn 

EXOS Aerospace 
Systems & Technology
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer 

The Rise of a 
Mobile Reusable
Small Launcher

Dr. Panos Vitsas
Dave Mitchell

Test Pilot School

SFTE European Chapter Vice President
Fifty Years of the 
Cooper-Harper Scales

Michael Suldo

Bell Customer Solutions
An Aviation Story

Jim Acree (AF)

American Airlines
DER Test Pilot
SETP Southwest Secretary
Flight Test & 
Mision Update 
of the Turbine DC-3

Dr. Jim Gibson (M)
Bell Flight Test

Future Flight Controls

Nathan Neblett (M)

Master of Ceremonies

0900 - Flight Test & Mission Update of the Turbine DC-3, Jim
             Acree (AF) AA; FAA-DER; Robert Ryan, Consultant
0930 - Flying Is The Ultimate Equalizer, Monessa “Siren” Balzhiser

             Lockheed Martin Fighter Pilot

1000   Networking Break

1030 - Future Flight Controls, Dr. Jim Gibson (M), Bell Flight Test

1100 - The Rise of a Mobile Reusable Small Launcher, John M. Quinn

             EXOS Aerospace Systems & Technologies COO


BBQ Luncheon Buffet
USMC MGen (Ret.) Charlie Bolden

Former NASA Administrator &
Space Shuttle Commander


1330 - An Aviation Story, Michael Suldo, Bell

1400 - The Digital Transformation of Aerospace, Ian Marks  
            Lockheed Martin

1430   Networking Break
1500 - Fifty Years of the Cooper-Harper Scale, Dr. Panos Vitsas, ITPS

1530 - What is That? Jay Miller 


See what Fusion is all about and what makes the F-35 so unique as the world’s new dominant fighter. Launch an AIM-120 AMRAAM from the internal weapon bay, land on an aircraft carrier, or try the incredibly easy-to-fly STOVL capabilities of the F-35.


Accelerating the pace of engineering and science

MathWorks is the leading developer of mathematical computing software


  • Telemetry Transmitters,     
  • LDPC, Adaptive Equalization
  • FM, SOQPK & Multi-h CPM
  • Ethernet Via Telemetry
  • Receiver Analyzers
  • Space Time Coding (STC)
  • Data Quality Encapsulation

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